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Custom Face Masks With Ease

Yes, sell custom face masks in large volumes to your customers. You can even order in customized quantities of 100 (for large families), 120, and even 600. These personalized face masks are ideal for welcoming returning staff or offering customized masks to clients after you reopen your company.

Custom Face Mask

The good news about ordering custom printed face masks is that you can create them any way you like. Many retailers will have photos of their brand images on the masks. If you want a cartoon character printed on a black and white face mask, it’s simple to do. Likewise, if you’d prefer a sports team logo printed on a light-colored face mask, it’s not difficult. You’re only limited by your imagination.

When considering custom face mask purchases, the primary concern is: Will they hold up to my child’s rough play? Will these printed facial scarves and cloth scarves hold up to the thrills of roller skating and roughhouse games? Will my employees and students keep these things clean? How will I get rid of crumpled, stained, and damp patches? Fortunately, there are many ways to preserve our customized head wear so it will endure our rambunctious lifestyle.

Our technicians can recommend a few products to consider. Among the most popular are reusable polypropylene woven cloth face masks with adjustable Velcro ear loops. This comfortable fit allows you to make it into a ponytail and have long hair dangling over the elastic ear loops. These reusable face masks are great if your job entails lots of jumping around from one chair to another or if you work at home with kids who like to play rough.

Another option for customizing a custom face mask is with washable fabrics. There are several popular fabrics to consider. Choose from a variety of sportswear like nylon, cotton, polyester, and twill that you would typically see used in a professional sports arena. These fabrics are available in a variety of colors and patterns that make a fun fashion statement for both boys and girls.

In addition to these custom face masks, our friendly customer service professionals are happy to assist you on a range of other sewing projects including projects for quilts and other garments. The experienced and knowledgeable staff at River Birch Custom Clothiers are happy to help you create your dream outfit for a special occasion. They are also happy to answer any other questions that you may have regarding our products or ideas for using our products. For more information on how to create custom outfits or decorations, visit our website and click on our resource links.

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