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Custom Face Masks

Custom Face Masks is indeed a boon for a face to be at ease. They help to shield the face from the toxic fumes of the workplace or their own home.

Custom Face Mask

Face Masks is generally made up of very sturdy material such as vinyl or polyester. They generally come in various sizes that suit the face size. When purchased, a custom face mask needs to be fastened on with adhesive. Some can be hung from the neck for instant protection.

Custom Face Masks is usually used by children. In fact, many studies show that children have a habit of keeping a large number of face masks at home. This is mainly because most of them use them for covering their nose, mouth and ears. A kid can be likely to breathe the dust particles from the factory or home which contain chemicals like lead, lead compounds, and carcinogens. To prevent this, it is recommended to keep an open-face mask in the house as well.

The first use of the face mask was in medieval times. The shape and design were first made in the year 1480 by a Spanish alchemist called Aztec called Mixcoatl. His belief was that smothering the face with a material would provide protection from all forms of illness and disease. In fact, he believed that the respiratory tract of the body is made up of seven layers of mucus membranes. This is why the creation of a face mask was significant in every modern civilization.

The custom face mask was introduced in Europe in the year 1631, when the English monk, George Best invented it. Best was born in France and brought up in London. In fact, he was brought up a Muslim as most of his family were and still are Muslims. He introduced his invention to the world as an accident.

There are two different types of custom face masks – cloth face masks and plastic face masks. Both of them have different shapes, sizes and features. The cloth face masks is often used to cover the nose and mouth while the plastic ones are used to cover the eyes. The cloth face masks are normally to be hanged and the plastic ones are to be strapped on.

It should be noted that the designs and patterns of the custom face masks vary from one region to another. The designs of the cloth face masks are largely from Muslim countries like Spain, Turkey, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. These designs are mostly oval in shape. Similarly, the plastic face masks designs are mostly from Italy, France, Germany, UK, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Romania, Russia, and USA.

The development of the custom face masks changed the way we work. They were eventually worn to protect our eyes, nasal passages, and mouth to avoid the dangerous airborne air particles.

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