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Custom Motorcycle And Face Coverings

Face masks have long been a staple of Halloween. Children’s face masks were made for trick or treating, and as an adult I can say that using Halloween face masks is still a staple in my home! In fact, my son has his own line of Halloween face masks, but the face mask I give to him is one of my favorites – it’s bright and bold, perfect for Halloween, yet easy to use and wash.

Custom Face Mask

THE PREMIUM FOUR: The Premium Face Mask is an original creation of a high quality latex material. It is available in two different sizes to accommodate growing kids. The premium face mask has elastic ear-loops and is comfortable for kids and adults. While the large adjustable elastic ear-loops make a tight fit for older children and the small, lightweight neo style is good for infants.

THE CYNERGY Masks: Cynergy Face Masks is an amazing assortment of custom face masks made from a soft, flexible material that is great for all ages. They feature premium fabric and are available in a variety of sizes to fit most growing children. Each mask contains a zippered pocket on one side to hold a spare tube of toothpaste, a bottle of water or other personal items. The large, soft fabric face masks made of Cynergy Polymer are also excellent for babies and small children as well.

THE TRADER RIGGED: Trader Rugged Face Coverings is a line of custom-face masks specifically designed for truckers, farm workers, construction workers, and the rigors of life on the road. Available in durable nylon, polyester, and a breathable cotton blend, these tough vinyl face coverings are great for all types of weather. The patented polyethylene vinyl gives them additional strength and abrasion resistance, while providing maximum breathability for active individuals. Offering added comfort is the soft fleece lining used in all models.

CUSTOM Masks: We carry a large selection of custom motorcycle and face mask designs. Our designs range from standard vinyl masks to high tech full face masks made of thermoplastic polymer. These are made with your choice of color, custom embroidery, and a variety of features to complete your look. Custom vinyl masks can be used as everyday headgear or for special occasions, depending on your look. These motorcycle and face mask covers are also available for cowboys, bikers, football, cheerleaders, cowgirl, and cheerleader teams.

Customized motorcycle and face coverings made by these companies are made with your satisfaction in mind. To ensure quality and long-lasting durability, our custom-face mask materials are made with fade resistant, double washable linings and PVC. Some models have quick release ear plugs that make them comfortable fit right down to your ears. They also have removable fleece lining, which makes them ideal for any type of weather.

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