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Custom Printed Face Mask

Choosing a custom printed face mask can be a bit confusing at first because there are so many options out there to choose from. You have your choice of a full face mask, full face and half mask and even a single face mask option. So how do you know what kind of mask you need? How do you know which one will work best for your face shape and size?

First, contact an account manager to talk over what you want. Then we will send you a collection of guidelines that will help you design your perfect custom printed face mask. Once you’ve decided on the type of mask you want you’ll want to go shopping for it.

For starters, think about if you will be buying a printable mask or a hand made one. If you’re only interested in buying a printed mask you should look for masks that can be printed to fit your face, or in some cases even a template for a mask you can print out. These masks come in all shapes and sizes and they usually won’t be more than two or three inches in depth, although they may vary.

Next decide what type of design you would like your mask to have. Do you want a simple design that you can wear during the day or is it going to be your face you are most concerned with? Are you going to cover the entire face or are you going to be using a mask to cover up something more important? Do you want your mask to be a full face or just a bit below the chin or just slightly above the jaw line?

Then choose whether you would like a full face or a half face. Full face masks are generally much larger in depth than a half mask, but the difference in the size is very subtle. Half face masks are typically much smaller in depth but still large enough to cover the entire face.

The last thing to consider when choosing the right custom printed face mask is to take into account your budget. You want your mask to look great, not just the one time you use it.

Remember, even though you may spend more than a couple hundred dollars on a mask there is a chance that the mask may look better after you remove it and wash it. If this happens then you’ve saved yourself some money. Also, there are a lot of masks that can be worn multiple times before having to replace them.

Don’t forget to take into consideration the materials used to create your masks. Most are either a fabric or cloth.

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