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Custom Printed Face Masks

Do you sell custom face masks crafted in the USA? Of course! Check out our Bayside distributor, Printed Face Masks. It’s made in the USA by American working class.

Do you sell disposable face masks only for children? Yes. If you do not want to invest in custom face masks, we are happy to make your order of washable or reusable facial washable vinyl facial masks available for your retail business.

Do you prefer to use cloth face masks? Custom vinyl cloth face masks are easily made to fit your requirements and delivered in less than 1 week. Washable or reusable face masks are made from a variety of natural materials including, cotton, polyester, rayon, bamboo, jute and more. Our custom printed vinyl cloth masks are made using these natural materials. If you prefer to know more about our products and services, please do contact us.

What if I need my product(s) washed? Unlike other popular brands, our company offers a 100 percent guarantee on our cloth face mask stains removal. We also offer our customers the convenience of a quick washing, dry, and return process. All our products are machine washable, meaning they can be worn or used immediately after drying in the laundry machine. If you need our machine washable fabric face masks, please visit our website.

Can you create customized printed face masks? Yes, that’s right. Any photo, graphic, or custom image that you would like transferred onto a mask in any shape, size, or color can be converted to a printed mask by using our service. Whether you want a sun visor, fire fighter, ski mask, motorcycle helmet, or your child’s first birthday photo, you can have it transformed into a custom face mask for ultimate impact.

How long do custom printed masks last? Unlike regular masks that peel or crack after just a few washes, our printed face masks are designed to withstand washing and drying cycles. These durable masks can be used as everyday masks as well as party masks during special events. With our service, you can be sure that your face masks will last for years.

What about washable face masks? Our service offers custom printed fabric face masks that can be washed. Simply hang them on a line to dry, and then return them to us for laundering. No ironing required! Our printed vinyls are made from materials that don’t fade when washed repeatedly. They’ll look great for years while still maintaining their quality and appearance.

How do I choose my printed vinyl face mask? Our service allows you to browse through our large selection of printed fabrics so you can find the perfect mask for your event. For example, you might want a bright red mask for a Halloween celebration, or a camouflage mask for an outdoor adventure. Whatever your needs, we can accommodate you.

Will your custom printed face masks are created for me or will they be based upon a customer’s request? You can get one-of-a-kind custom masks designed and created just for you. Our artists can create a mask that will reflect your personality and style. Whatever your needs, you can count on our talented team of designers to work with you until you are completely satisfied. With our experienced professionals, nothing is out of reach.

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