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Custom Printed Face Masks

Do you sell custom face masks? Yes, sell custom face masks in mass. This article is about the best way to clean your printed face masks. There are other ways to clean your printed facial mask, but if you want yours cleaned correctly without ruining your printed mask, this is the best method.

Face masks can be cleaned with soap and water. To clean your custom face masks, simply wash your face in warm water with mild soap and flush with cool water. Yes, tumble dry or line dry your printed face masks. Do not use a blow dryer to dry them. You can place your face masks inside a clear plastic baggy to air dry.

If you have disposable or reusable face masks, you can throw those in the trash and wash the rest in the sink. This will save money on the disposable face masks since they can be resold. If you have reusable face masks, you can place these in a zip lock bag and add any other items to the bag like powders, moisturizers, and oils. Reusable face masks can be washed with the rest of your regular laundry detergent.

If you choose to use cloth face masks, you can throw these in the washing machine or dishwasher. Wash these by hand using cold water. Your machine may have more settings that will allow you to spin them so that they dry more quickly. If your machine does not have the option to spin them, then do not spin them, as the fabric face masks will not dry as fast as fabric ones.

You can also use your vacuum cleaner to clean your custom face mask. Simply attach the mask to your cloth with safety scissors and vacuum the mask. Always make sure that you remove the mouthpiece before you do this. Do not use your vacuum cleaner on colored or patterned cloth because the suction may damage the printed face masks.

There are many more ways to clean and care for your printed fabric face masks. When you are done with them, you can store them in a cool dark place like a bag in a sealed plastic bag in the freezer. If you want to use these masks for a costume party or Halloween, you should never leave them in direct sunlight or exposure to the sun. Always use them wisely and remember to put them back into their storage container before you use them again.

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