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Custom Printed Face Masks for Your Next Event

Do you know how to use a custom-face mask? You might be surprised that a printed face mask is just as good as a one-of-a-kind mask at promotional events. However, to get the best results, you have to ensure that you wash the printed face masks properly and use them appropriately. Yes, most of the printed plastic face masks available in most stores today can be reused repeatedly and can be cleaned and washed with a mild detergent. However, printed face masks should always be air dried to keep the integrity of the printed graphic. If you don’t air dry them, the graphic can wear off or peel off.

Custom Face Mask

Most printed plastic face masks are made using high quality polyester fiber, but you can use 3 ply or spandex face masks as well. However, 3 ply masks take a lot longer to dry and so are better suited for events where drying time is a problem. For printing on vinyl, you can use a hot iron or a heat gun to dry the vinyl. The only thing to remember with 3 ply masks is that it will take at least two days to completely dry.

When it comes to printed face masks, there are plenty of options. You can choose from reusable vinyl handpieces that are washable and reusable, disposable, or custom made and custom fit. You can also choose from simple colored vinyl or you can go with more complex graphic options such as adding an emblem. Ear loops are very popular because many people do not wear ear loops out in public. If you have a disposable mask, you can opt for ear loops, but for custom fitted or reusable masks, you can opt for simple cloth loops instead.

The style of your printed face masks will largely be determined by the event you’re hosting. For example, for holiday parties, you can get a cute, soft looking Santa face mask. You can even get a Christmas face mask to match! If you’re hosting a formal event, you can get a black, powder coated custom face mask. There are certainly plenty of options when it comes to printed face masks.

If you want to add a custom logo or picture onto your custom printed face masks, you’ll need to prepare the imprint area first. To do this, you’ll need to print out your logo or picture onto construction paper. Then you can transfer the paper to your mask. If you don’t want your logo printed directly onto the mask, you can either ink it onto the outside of the mask, or you can purchase a sticker printer that has an imprint area on the front. The sticker printers usually have an area where you can place your custom logo.

Most custom printed face masks today are made from a high quality polyester material. Polyester is a great material because it’s comfortable to wear and it won’t stick to your face as much as some other fabrics. Cloth face masks are much better than their plastic counterparts because they provide a more comfortable fit and more breath ability. Another great thing about cloth face masks is that they are reusable – just make sure that the tag on the back of the mask says “wear until empty”. Just remember, the more comfortable you feel wearing your mask, the more comfortable you’ll be having a great time at your next event!

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