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Custom Printed Face Masks – Washable, Durable and Comfortable

Can you reuse custom printed face masks? Yes, almost all of our printed face masks can be reused and resold many times over. However, printed face masks which have been washed should be thoroughly air dried to avoid shrinkage and to maintain the integrity of the printed graphic.

Can I use my old printed face masks as ear loops? You can certainly use any of your old printed face masks as long as you are not using them as facial hair elasticated loops or ear loops. Ear loops are designed to be securely held in place by the wearer and are completely see through from front and back. Face masks which have been washed can be reused as ear loops. All you need to do is wash the face mask with warm water and a gentle detergent and dry with a soft towel.

Can I get my custom cloth masks engraved? Yes, we can engrave most custom printed masks. We can create a photo of your choosing and have it printed on the face mask. Alternatively, we can also etch a company logo on the face mask. Any imprint area should be securely pressed on to the mask so that the logo doesn’t peel off and damage the garment.

Can I order my custom printed face masks from you? Yes, we can personalize your clothing with your choice of font and colors. We can print your choice of words onto the face masks or we can provide you with three ply garment templates where you can choose the design and style of your choice. 3 ply garments are the most popular format of face masks.

Are these washable? Yes, they are completely washable. Unlike other types of garment we often throw away our reusable items such as work shirts and business shirts after just one wash. However, with our reusable fabric products such as our customized face coversings you will not need to worry about reusing the item. These garments are durable, washable and comfortable!

Are there any sizing options for our custom masks? Yes, there are sizing options for our custom masks. The sizing options are either large, small, medium and small. We can also customize the size of the ear loops if you choose.

What about the material that we use? The material that we use for the construction of your custom face mask is 100% cotton polyester mesh. Although, it is quite lightweight, this type of material offers superior comfort and durability.

So, there you have it. You now have everything that you need to know about our customizable printed cloth face masks. We offer you great prices on our printed cloth masks along with exceptional customer service and fast shipping. Why wait any longer to get one of your very own customized printed cloths face mask!

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