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Eco Friendly and Washable Premium Printed Face Masks

Whether you are looking for ways to reduce the effects of all the nasty elements on your face while cycling or running, or just something more to aid you make a great statement at a party, you could make a stunning pack of either two or four customized face masks to suit your attire. For instance, why not go for a camouflage mask to keep your identity hidden in an army green jacket, or a solid black one to match your favorite motorcycle gear? Or how about a full camouflage face mask to wear with both your ski mask and snowboard helmet to keep your identity out of sight? And if you think nothing of wearing a mask to avoid the effects of the sun, wind, rain or sleet, then why not choose a printed mask to go along with your swim costume or holiday theme? This way, your unique mask will not only look great, but it will tell everyone at the party (and worse, if you decide not to tell anyone a thing) that you are a true fan of the sport and a true snowboarder.

There are so many options available in this day and age. There is a wide range of printed fabrics to choose from, ranging from vinyl, cloth and leather to mesh. Vinyl is generally considered the best of all the printed fabrics, as it is very durable and can withstand high temperatures without any problems. Most people are used to vinyl, as they have been making snowboards for years using the same materials. However, if you are looking for something a little different, then you will be happy to know that you can also find printed cloth face masks.

If you are looking for something completely unique that you cannot find in any store, then you may want to look into custom logo printed masks. A custom logo will usually be much cheaper than a printed fabric, which is why it is so popular among snowboarders. The custom logo comes ready to imprint on the mask mouth masks with a hot glue gun. If you already have a design in mind, then you can simply use the included hot glue gun and then transfer the design onto the mask, giving your boarder a one of a kind look.

If you have never seen custom face masks before, then you will be surprised at how simple they are to make. All you will need is some white paint, a stencil and a bit of skill. First, you will want to purchase a stencil which will be used to create your custom logo. You can either purchase the stencil directly from the manufacturer or have one made specifically for you, which will allow for greater customization. Once you have your stencil, simply apply your custom logo onto the stencil, and let it dry.

Now, if you have considered the idea of selling printed customizable face masks as a product to customers, then you will want to create a pattern using your computer. You will first want to open a graphics program, and then open a picture of your face. You can either scan it into your computer or upload it online to be scanned in, or you could simply draw it out on your own using special pencils or markers, which are sold by several different companies.

With this new system, you will be able to provide your customers with an eco-friendly way to protect their health. These reusable and washable premium products are also reusable themselves, so you won’t have to worry about reusing any materials. You will also be able to make a profit, because these are extremely popular in the market place. The premium quality vinyls are washable and reusable, making them a great addition to your eco-friendly business.

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