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Enjoy Classic Fashion With a Custom Face Mask

Make Large Custom Face Masks for any occasion or function. Face-framing is as much a part of good looks as eye-catching clothing. Face-framing is the art of putting your best face forward when distancing yourself from others. Choose from two styles: small and large. Features include over-the-neck, adjustable neck band, interchangeable elastic bands.

Face-framing is easy to do. Simply choose a design that you like, and then contact a professional to have it created for you. The custom face mask can be made into any shape you want – oval, heart-shaped, diamond, square, round, square, and even half-moon. The printed on the face masks will coordinate with whatever outfit you are wearing. If you wear a black shirt, printed on your face mask will match the shirt.

Choose from a variety of printed face masks to compliment your look. The printed masks can be made to have either an oval, circular, or heart shape. In addition, they can be made with a variety of bright colors to complement your skin tone or hair color. Some designs even include your name in black to make it personal.

Face-framing with a custom-face mask is easy to do. Simply place the printed mask on your nose, and pull it down until it is about half way down your face. If you do not want to shave your head, pull it down as far as it will go. If you want to wash it, you can simply take it off and wash it in the sink. Face-framing with a custom face masks is made with washable fabric so you can be sure that you can take it off and clean it as often as you like.

You can also choose to have custom face masks made with earloops, pouches, or even beads. Ear loops and pouches are made using the same washable fabric material as the mask. There is nothing more embarrassing than wearing earphones and trying to hide them behind thick hair. With earloops, you can easily fold them up, knot them together, or leave them loose so you can easily slip them on or off your ears. Beads are another fun accessory that is sure to complete any look.

Most of the face-framing with ear loops and pouches are available for immediate shipping. However, if you prefer to wait for your order to arrive at your home, you can place your order online and have your custom face masks shipped directly to your door. Most companies offer rush service, so you will receive your masks ahead of your party. Most premium masks are sent out within two weeks.

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