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Evergreen Custom Face Mask

Ditch the clinical appearance and create a custom face mask just for you. Pair with a printed bandana or shades for a unique look. These custom face masks come in a package of two or four and are easily customizable, comfortable, stylish, and available in a huge variety of colors. Choose from stripes, polka dots, facial hair, flames, cartoon characters, flowers, and more to create the look you want.

Popular face lift brands include Juicy Couture, Victoria’s Secret anarchy. The masks feature elastic bands that run across the chest, arms and legs to securely hold the face up for a complete look. Face lift straps are comfortable and work with any style of clothing. The elastic pulls on all four sides to comfortably secure a custom face mask.

The reusable face covers feature a vinyl coating that will not peel and will not become discolored after repeated washings. Face coverings are made of medical grade silicone that can withstand exposure to the sun and most other elements for several months. These reusable face masks come in black, white and beige. The styles are machine washable and feature front and back snap closures with Velcro snaps in place to ensure easy portability.

All custom face masks ship in plain sight – discreetly customized with your name, initials or message. Your picture will be printed onto the face masks for an individualized look that you can show off at any time. You can choose from a selection of prints including cross, flames, flowers, smiley faces, hearts, animals and more.

If you desire a high visibility, bright smile that you can display with pride, consider an embossed message. There is a range of high-gloss engraving options available. Whether you want to announce a promotion, a new position or your latest achievement, your personalized cloth face masks will be sure to make a lasting impression. Some engravings will be text only; others will include a logo or company name. Embossing adds an extra touch of class.

Cloth face masks made by Evergreen are made using quality materials that will last a lifetime. They are made from the finest polyester and virgin cotton blend fabrics that are soft and comfortable to wear. The fabric is non-absorbent, so perspiration will not dry out the garment. Each unit is packaged in its own display tray so your message will stay legible. Each reusable unit lasts for years.

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