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Face Mask and Disposable Liners – Why Use Face Masks?

A face mask is also known as an oral irrigator and is designed for use by healthcare professionals in various medical procedures. It is designed primarily to catch infectious bacteria shed by the patient and in the mouth of staff by capturing droplets and bacteria from the patient’s mouth and nose before they can enter the patient’s blood stream. This prevents the transmission of diseases to patients while being monitored by healthcare staff during a surgical procedure.

The mask is designed to keep the nasal passage clear of mucous or other foreign matter which may cause respiratory infection. It helps to reduce the chance of contamination of equipment and instruments during surgery as well. During a surgical procedure, it can trap any droplet or aerosol which might trigger an infection.

Face masks are also used to reduce the risk of contact with contaminated drugs during surgery. It can be used during preoperative or postoperative care, but is most effective during postoperative care when the patient is being watched over by healthcare staff. For example, it can be used to wash out wound or surgical equipment and instruments after the procedure is completed.

Face masks are useful during surgery as it keeps the patient comfortable. These masks can be disposable liners are available, but disposable liners are generally not as effective at removing airborne contaminants as disposable liners are only designed to remove particles from the nose and mouth. Therefore, the best approach is to keep the patient in a clean room throughout the procedure, especially if there is a patient who will be involved in the surgical procedure.

Face masks are also important in helping to maintain patients’ breathing while in surgical conditions. Patients who have difficulty breathing should always wear a face mask for the same reason. It provides an additional layer of protection for the lungs, thus allowing them to breathe easier. In order to do this, the mask has a variety of openings on its outside which allow air to enter and exit the mask easily. It also includes a mouthpiece which allows the mouth to remain closed.

Face masks are very useful in protecting healthcare workers from infectious agents and other hazards during surgical procedures. They provide a safe and effective barrier between the patient and the medical procedure. Although these products cost more than disposable liners, they are far less expensive than the risk of infection and unnecessary loss of life during a surgical procedure.

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