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Face Mask Benefits and Disadvantages

A face mask, also called a medical facial mask, is designed to be worn by medical professionals during medical procedures. The light blue color of the mask is usually worn outward with the dark red colored portion on the inside. The mask is worn over the mouth, and the nose is covered with a cloth. It covers the face to protect it from being splashed or sprayed by the patient or any other person who may have been in the process of treating the patient. In addition, it allows the patient to see and breathe.

At first, a face mask may seem somewhat unnecessary, as the doctor uses his/her hands to do things, but this is not necessarily true. The mask can serve as protection for the patient, especially if there is an accident, as the patient cannot see clearly due to the injury. This is the reason why medical workers use them, even though this method does not actually need to take place.

Since the face mask allows the patient’s injuries to heal faster, it can also save their lives. For instance, if the patient is struck by the object which was used to apply anesthesia, and the injury is too serious, the doctor can apply a bandage to cover the area, thereby reducing any risks of spreading the injury to other areas. A bandage will not allow the doctor to open up the patient’s skin so that the surgery can be done. As such, the doctor would have to go through additional steps, which could cause him a lot of complications.

By wearing the face mask during surgery, the doctor is able to keep the patient’s wounds covered at all times, making sure that the wound will heal properly. This is because the patient can no longer see. He/she will also have better control over the bleeding that he/she is suffering, as the mask can cover the area effectively, thus preventing the area from bleeding out.

However, the face masks do have their disadvantages, as some medical workers are concerned that the masks will prevent them from seeing clearly. Some doctors do not even recommend wearing masks during surgery, as they believe that the patient will have a hard time recovering without seeing the entire field of vision. This is why many doctors are using a pen or paper, which will still be visible when the patient is awake.

Although the face mask has its own set of pros and cons, it has proven to be a very useful tool for doctors and medical workers everywhere. This is why it is still in use today. Even though the advantages and disadvantages of the face mask may change with time, there is no arguing that these devices have helped make medicine more convenient.

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