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Face Mask – The Importance of a Face Mask During a COPD Life

As soon as the first symptoms of the SARS virus were observed in Asia, doctors and medical professionals started recommending face mask to use as a measure against this deadly disease. Before the virus began spreading in Asia, face mask use was discouraged as experts did not understand how people with COPD-19 could transmit the disease without showing any signs. Nor was it understood that some patients with COPD-19 do not have any obvious symptoms but still have the disease.

Many people have been diagnosed with COPD-19 and do not even realize they have it. They wear a face mask for several days then are aware of their illness.

To be sure if the patient has COPD, the doctor will conduct an X-ray or ECG to rule out any other problem. He will also order tests to determine the patient’s respiratory condition and pulse rate. The doctor will often recommend a patient to wear a face mask during his checkups. In addition, he may require that the patient carry an air purifier or HEPA air purifier with him to help combat the airborne irritants from the patient’s environment.

If the doctor is positive that the patient has COPD, he will prescribe an antihistamine or decongestant. The patient will wear a face mask during sleep, especially if he is sleeping in a room with a ceiling fan. In addition, he may also wear a face mask while standing for long periods in hot temperatures.

A patient who is diagnosed with COPD may also wear a face mask in the bath or shower while bathing. This should be done only when the patient is instructed by his physician. The patient should always remember to remove his mask when he is finished using the bathroom and dry his hands properly after towel drying.

In the early stages of the disease, the patient may still have some difficulty swallowing his food or saliva. In this case, a face mask should be used by him to prevent the patient from swallowing excessive saliva or food particles. It is also advisable that a patient wear a face mask to eat so as to avoid swallowing the food particles.

A person who has COPD may also suffer from nausea and vomiting at times. He should never drink water during his nausea and vomiting since it can cause water intoxication. If the patient has GERD or heartburn, he may want to avoid drinking excessive fluids as well.

It is not advisable for a patient to sleep with a face mask on. The breathing mask will block his air passages, which can cause discomfort and pressure in the chest. Thus, the patient should remove his face mask and let his air pass through the mouth. He should also refrain from lying on his back with his face pressed against the pillow.

A face mask should be worn all the time by a patient to ensure his safety during his entire lifetime. A face mask is also important to the caregiver because the patient may not always be able to control his coughing and sneezing. The caregiver needs to be alert and try to sense for any changes in the patient’s breathing patterns.

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