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Face Mask With No Nose – Is it Safe?

If you have ever seen someone who has been in the hospital or had an infection trying to breath through a plastic bag or dirty linen mask, then you know how uncomfortable this can be. Even a medium-duty cloth face mask is difficult to breathe through. Many patients with chronic illnesses do not want to wear uncomfortable equipment. Fortunately, a face mask designed for breathing can be as simple as a piece of fabric. Here are some of the best brands for face masks:

Face Mask

In the past, a cloth face mask was typically a plastic mask worn over either the nose or over the mouth. While still effective, manual cleaning was impossible and sometimes even impossible when other more effective face covering methods were not available. The new solution was for medical professionals to use disposable aprons that were placed over the patient’s nose and mouth, enabling complete cleaning without having to remove the mask. However, using disposable aprons meant manual washing of the hands and the constant threat of contamination. In addition, the medical professional had to remember to put the aprons on at night before returning to work the next morning.

A newer solution to the problem was for plastic surgeons to use a nasal cannula, a long thin tube attached to the end of a sterilized needle, to cleanse the nasal cavity. Since it did not involve a needle, there was no need to concern oneself with infection or other complications such as draining or sniping the nose because no blood or other infectious matter was present. Nasal cannula has also proven to be a viable alternative to traditional nose and mouth surgical masks because the sterile tube can be taken into any part of the nose where a face covering might be required.

A disposable face mask does not have to be replaced for a long period of time. Because most of these filters are disposable, they can be changed or washed according to sanitary considerations or convenience. Filter materials used in the newer systems are more likely to cause less irritation to the delicate skin tissues of the face and nasal area. Filters are available in various levels of particle size. These particle sizes are measured in terms of micron size. Since these small particles do not cause irritation, they are preferred over other materials.

Breathing through a cloth face coverings is the easiest when compared to other breathing apparatus. It is recommended that the cloth used for this purpose should be 100 percent cotton. There is also the option of using a disposable nose clip. This is similar to using a disposable water bottle. When these two choices are used, the individual can be sure that he or she is breathing in the purest possible air.

While a plastic surgical mask without a nose is considered to be a simple solution, it still requires cleanliness and hygiene practices to ensure the best health outcome. It is up to the individual to ensure that the procedure is performed under expert supervision. In the end, a clean and fresh set of nasal cannula will help to restore the health and nasal functions of the patient. All in all, a face mask without a nose is a practical solution that will help to preserve the overall health and well being of a patient.

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