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Face Masks to Protect From the Flu Season

A cloth face mask, also known as a nasal mask, is a porous mask designed primarily of natural textiles, most commonly cotton, worn in the nose and mouth. Natural fibers provide a great deal of flexibility to facilitate airflow through the mask, while keeping the skin dry. While effective nasal cleansers are generally not available, if physical distancing is completely impossible and if face masks are impossible to find, then cloth face masks may be your best solution. Here’s how to use a cloth mask for maximum facial benefit.

The first step to using a face mask involves finding the right mask for your individual problem areas. For instance, some individuals suffer from dry skin that results in flaking, a condition that triggers the release of histamines in the blood stream. Because these histamines can cause inflammation of the skin, flaking can occur around the nose, eyes, and even the mouth. In order to reduce the amount of histamines released, it is necessary to choose a good fit mask that reduces surface moisture. One such material used to meet this need is woven cotton fabrics.

Woven cotton fabrics are comfortable and provide maximum airflow. Because of the air permeability of these materials, face masks made from these fabrics will be able to maintain the same level of humidity as the surrounding environment. Additionally, because these cloth masks are made with open mesh panels, dust and debris will be able to escape into the rest of the room. This means that you will have fresh air in which to breathe instead of breathing in polluted air.

When selecting a face mask for use around the nose, it is important to choose one that fits comfortably. As a general rule, the larger the mesh area of the mask, the easier it will be to breathe. Fleece lined masks, such as the ones manufactured by Producers such as Hunter, fit snugly against the face and help prevent nose blockage. These types of face masks also help prevent secondary congestion caused by the clogging of the nasal passageway. If the mask does not fit well, however, the user will not be able to breathe comfortably and discomfort may result.

When choosing a face mask, it is important to choose one that features washable ear loops. Ear loops are removable and washable which allows users to easily remove dirt or debris from their ears. Ear loops are also helpful in removing facial hair that may get caught in the ear muffs. If you suffer from allergies, you may find that using disposable cotton ear loops can help reduce symptoms such as sneezing and coughing. Also, ear loops are often made out of anti-bacterial materials, which can help to reduce the spread of infections.

While most of these types of face masks can be bought in pharmacies and medical stores, there are often masks available online. In addition to being cheaper, buying face masks online helps to save the consumer a lot of time and hassle. Shopping online for these items allows the consumer to easily compare prices between different retailers. Many of the larger companies offer free shipping and discounted merchandise on many of their products, helping the consumer to save a substantial amount of money.

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