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Fortnite – A Friend in Need


Fortnite – A Friend in Need

When the game, Fortnite, came out this year, I was not familiar with it. My friend was and he bought me the demo. He gave me the free-to-play version of the game and I immediately downloaded it to my PC. It is an action packed zombie-survival game that looks very impressive.

The game had a very simple structure and was very easy to play. The controls were simple and easy. The graphics were superb and they gave you the feeling that you are playing on a very high-end console. The point in the game was to survive as long as possible.

So I decided to download a bunch of extra stuff that I thought I could use to spice up my play. One thing that I downloaded was a “Handbook” which was supposed to give me tips and advice in the game. I found the guide to be very useful and after reading through all the sections of the guide, I found that it gave me a lot of knowledge.

The guide gave me all the information that I needed about how to level up fast and I found that it gave me some pretty good tips on what weapons to use when playing the game. After finishing the guide, I became even more excited to play the game.

My friends were thrilled about my guide, and they gave me a bunch of weapons to give to my friend that I was leveling up with. We played a few rounds of Fortnite. In our session, my friend didn’t need any weapons since I was on the same team with him. I was really happy about this because I had saved up a lot of money for these weapons and now I had nothing to do with it.

The rest of the story line was boring. I was playing the game alone and Igot bored pretty quick. The game kept getting longer and we still didn’t have anything to do except play the game for hours.

When I got home from work, I checked my email and I saw that I had received two gifts that I hadn’t bought myself. I realized that my guide helped me with this.

I took one of the gifts to my friend and told him that it was a gift from me. He was delighted to hear this and he asked me to tell him that I would be his friend. As a matter of fact, I was, so I told him that if he didn’t have anything to do that day, he could buy a weapon with my gift.

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