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Fortnite – A Great Choice for Video Gaming Gifts

If you’ve been playing Fortnite for any length of time, you’re sure to have accumulated quite a few of the various loot drops that can be found throughout the game. From sweet looking stuffed Loot Llamas and gamer socks to boogie-Bomb light and Chuggers, these are all the rage this season as giveaways for Fortnite. Here’s a quick rundown of the most popular loot drops for this exciting game:

One popular gift you can find for Fortnite this year is the Boomerang skill-up kit. Available for a low cost on the Fortnite website, Boomerang lets you shoot a distance shot with the bow. The bow becomes more powerful with each successive shot, up to three times stronger than the first. The Boomerang skill-up includes an arrow, a bottle, and an audio cue that let you know when you’ve reached a certain distance. This charming little video game is sure to be a favorite of many gamers as the holidays approach.

Fortnite has several other popular gifts such as the Fortnite Battleroyale Wall Art and the V-Bucks skill-up bundle. The Battleroyale Wall Art is designed to decorate your walls in your favorite holiday colors, while the V-Bucks increases your mining speed and allows you to earn extra v-bucks in Fortnite matches. As an added bonus, both of these gifts are included free with every Fortnite account when you purchase Fortniteara at the online shop. If you’ve been waiting to pimp your gaming platform with some sweet looking wall art or gamer emblems, now’s the time to do it!

The final part of our four-part Fortnite gifting series focuses on the “v-bucks” reward point system. You get one free a-buck once you complete all five levels of the V-bucks challenge. You must be leveling up before you can earn a-bucks in this section of the game. The Battleroyale Wall Art is available after you have completed all five levels of the original challenge, but you must be playing online in order to receive the Battleroyale Wall Art. Each of these gifts is available in both the “First Birthday Gift” and “kshuffle” collections.

When you’re done with your Fortnite gifts and are ready to get started gifting, the top four selling items in the Steam Market include the Battleroyale Skin, the V-bucks Skin, and two Battleroyale Pro Keys. As mentioned above, the Battleroyale Skin comes with the “First Birthday Gift” and the “kshuffle” packs, but you also have the option of selecting any of the three other available sets from the main menu. The downside is that you will not receive any of the Battleroyale skins or V-bucks as a gift in the Battleroyale Collection.

You can choose between the first, third and fifth edition of the Battleroyale skins. The prices of the items are relatively low, so they make great Fortnite gifts for new and existing players alike. They also make fantastic gamer gifts, since they feature the logos of your favorite games, which means anyone who receives one of these superb Fortnite gifts will definitely think of you when they play Fortnite. For anyone interested in customizing their gaming experience, buying an original Battleroyale Skin makes a terrific choice, and the Battleroyale Pro Keys is solid options if you want to be able to save your game onto a PC.

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