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Fortnite and Battleroyale Decorating Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for friend of yours? Well, maybe you should start looking now, because there are plenty of great gifts out there for him/her. We know it might sound weird, because your friend probably has never played this game before in his/her life. But just like you, they probably love to play the game as much as you do, but they have been avoiding buying gifts for months because they are confused about what to get their friends. So here are some options you can think about:

If you are going to get your friend an official Fortnite loot crate, there are a few things you can do to spice up the process and make sure your gift is delivered in a very timely manner. But first, if you don’t want to be the one getting the loot (and that is perfectly fine), then why not consider getting the Fortnite loot Crate delivered to your door, so you can watch as your friend opens up the large box and starts popping all kinds of loot in. That way, he/she gets to open the crate first, and see what fun things are inside.

Another option you have is to buy an official fortnite and decorative pillowcase from the Fortnite website. There is a very cool looking female and male model available as a gift, complete with all the Fortnite props you could possibly need for your own home base. The male is dressed in a jumpsuit, while the female has on a cute little hat and has her own Fortnite sleeping bag. So if your friend just can’t decide between a female fortnite and male cosplay warrior, these are definitely options she/he will appreciate.

One of the best and most creative ideas that I have seen for a Fortnite and decorative pillowcase/covers is to create your own fortnite and battle royale themed pillow cases. You can purchase foam or latex cushions at any retail store. Be sure to pick ones that fit the size of the foam or latex that is already on the pillow case. If you are using more than one cushion, be careful not to go cheap on the filling. It needs to be thick enough to keep the foam or latex in place, but also soft enough to mold into any shape you desire.

Another idea that doesn’t require a large amount of time or money is to decorate a small portion of your wall with paint and stenciling supplies. Fortnite is also available in plenty of different colors, so this is a great way to go if you don’t want to buy something that exactly matches. For example, I have my walls lined with a solid red backdrop, but I am using orange and yellow cushions on my four side tables. The result looks fantastic, and I’ve been having tons of fun decorating my little space!

There are definitely a lot of fun things that I’ve found that I would recommend for a kid’s first experience with Fortnite. From building a fort out of pieces that my little boy already has, to decorating and pillows, there are tons of great ideas! I think that my next project will be a set of fortnite legs! Hahaha!

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