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Fortnite Battle Royale Overview

Fortnite, the latest of the defense games has just been released for the first time and has received overwhelming response from all who have had a try. Fortnite has been inspired by the military fort built in the 18th century. The online game gives the feeling that one is on a war field with fort walls protecting the home. It also gives the feeling that one is on another planet with lots of different landscapes to explore.

Fortnite is an online interactive video game released in 2020 and developed by Epic Games. It’s available in three different game modes which otherwise are identical to each other: Story, Endless and Fortnite Bounties. The Fortnite story mode can be played single player or with up to four players at a time where you fight off waves of enemy robots with the help of four different weapons and Fortnite Bounties where you accumulate points and earn bounties while you fight and protect your Fort.

The Fortnite story mode can be completed in two ways – the passive way that involves leveling up, earning money and items at the same time as you fight and defend the fort against waves of enemies and the active way which involve actually participating in battles to get free v-bucks, items and special items. You can level up by doing daily quests, which act as your portal to other maps, fight and defend battles, and collect items. These are collected by using the Fortnite repair tool which can be used on broken Fortnite pieces to repair them. The Fortnite Bounties works the same way, where you can pay to get free coins, which can be used in battle or purchased in the Marketplace.

There are a variety of weapons available for you to use in the game like the Throwing axe, Throwing gun, Pike ladders and other tools. Each weapon has special effects, which makes them more exciting to play with. Also, each of them comes with different levels of damage and the ability to cause devastation in the form of fire, electricity and stone. To get free v-bucks, you can also purchase the rare items that can only be found in the Marketplace and the rare items like the Enchanted Ember, enchanted emerald and the rare battle royale item.

There are many challenges that can be undertaken to win a battle. There are some mini-games that you can participate in and these add to the excitement of playing Fortnite and also keep you busy. To get free v-bucks, you should consider buying the Marketplace pass which is given to you once you buy the game and enjoy the Fortnite world!

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