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Fortnite Battleroyale Shop Tips

The massively popular strategy game/dating hybrid game, Fortnite is currently seeing its highest growth ever in both free and paid versions. And that’s not without reason. Battle Royale is an exciting free-for-all game, capable of connecting large numbers of players simultaneously across national and international borders; its free but premium edition packs in exciting new content and features, such as advanced technology and fully customizable game modes; and the in-game store is loaded with a huge selection of official Fortnite gear and clothing. The more serious player will be glad to know that Fortnite now has a spectator modewhere you can watch other players’ games and perhaps become an expert before even getting into the action. (spectator mode works best with private servers that feature competitive gaming)

If you’re not entirely sure how to play Battle Royale, it’s easy to get started: just choose a picture frame, choose your character (which is represented by a cute little avatar), select an object from the environment, and select “fight” or “win” to begin the action. You’ll notice that this is a simplified version of what the actual game entails, but it’s easy to grasp the basic rules as well. In short, you’re responsible for finding your loved one and then using a variety of tools and items to get rid of whatever enemies you encounter–while avoiding becoming eaten or thrown into a battle-field. When winning, you get to pick up the spoils (often a chest containing some food and a bit of loot) that you’ve collected; when losing, you lose all of your accumulated loot.

As part of the free update, Fortnite has introduced two major new items: the Battle Royale Crate and the Battle Arena. The crate contains a random assortment of rare items, the contents of which can’t be obtained anywhere else–and includes a special code that needs to be entered in order to open it. The crate is available in three variants: the big one, the small one, and the mini-crate. Each of these variants comes with its own code. Unfortunately, the Battle Arena is currently only available as a gift option, so if you’re interested in obtaining some of the items you see in the Battle Royale, you’ll need to purchase them individually, using the Gift Box option.

The Battle Arena is actually a very interactive feature of the Fortnite game–you’ll need to build your arsenal before entering the arena. Once you’ve gotten inside, you’ll need to select one of three guns (the basic ones are all available for purchase). The controls let you attack with a melee weapon, a gun, or a throwable object, and then choose to “shoot” at your opponents (either by selecting them from the environment, or by targeting an enemy character). Once you’ve begun to fight, you’ll be able to use items, such as the v-bucks, to boost your chances of winning. These items, when used in conjunction with the appropriate amount of coins dropped by your opponents, will result in a conclusive winner.

But while you’re playing fortnite, don’t forget to use the “loot llama.” This will help you get additional loot dropped by your opponents, which will help you increase your score–and thus, the value of your house. Just make sure you take the time to construct the barn on which you will keep your llama.

To sum up, the most important aspect of the Fortnite Battleroyale shop is that it provides for a way to both improve your overall score and to keep your loved one happy once he or she joins your online community. That’s not all that the Fortnite Battleroyale Shop can do, however. As we mentioned earlier, it’s a great tool for keeping your opponent’s interest while you are trying to build your own. Also, the loot that you can get from the battle royale shop can be used to purchase other items for the game–which can help you stay on the top of your game.

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