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Fortnite Game Mode Basics


Fortnite Game Mode Basics

Fortnite is a multiplayer online video game created by Epic Games and published in February of this year. It’s available in three different game mode modes which otherwise have virtually the same basic gameplay: survival, demolition, and co-op. Let’s look at these three game modes separately to better understand what you should expect from your Fortnite gaming experience.

Survival mode can be described as the most basic type of game mode. Players are required to fight off waves of enemies and gather resources to keep themselves alive. The main objective here is to stay alive as long as possible. Resources include wood, stone, metal, water, and energy. Wood, stone, and metal can be used for building structures such as houses, barns, and workshops. Energy can be used to perform tasks, such as crafting tools and weapons. Water and energy can also be collected by killing creatures, using them to craft weapons, and collecting their energy (which can be depleted if the players are not careful).

Demolition mode is a more hardcore version of the survival mode. All of the resources are still the same, but players must build explosives and vehicles to kill off all of their enemies in order to stay alive. Players are only allowed to construct one house per game, and they are allowed to craft a single vehicle. The player must also take on the role of a demolitions expert.

Co-op mode is a little bit of a hybrid between the above two modes. All of the basic tools are still available, but players must build a house with each other and a vehicle in order to attack and defend against waves of enemies. Each player is allowed to take out as many creatures or buildings as they want. However, only one player can destroy an item and it takes two players to destroy an item together. Players can also combine items to create bigger explosions.

In terms of the actual game play, co-op mode is a good place to start if you’re new to Fortnite. If you’re interested in the actual co-op experience, though, you can simply continue playing the survival mode. Although it’s recommended to learn how to use the basics first before trying to compete with other players, you should still get a feel for how the game works with co-op mode.

Hopefully this article gives you some information about the game itself and its different game modes. You’ll be able to decide for yourself which you prefer, and what type of game you’re more likely to enjoy playing.

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