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If you have yet to check out the new, exciting online game of Fortnite, you’re certainly missing out on something. This fun little game is one of the newest entries into the ever-growing genre of minecrafting. The simple premise – build your own fort – doesn’t change much from the old games of past years, but the scale has been upped by Fortnite’s latest, exciting update. Now, players are able to construct large, fully functional bases complete with everything from cooking facilities to swimming pools, all using their own plastic Fortnite pieces.

To celebrate the newest addition to the genre, I’ve decided to share some Fortnite gift ideas with you. These items are perfect for any fan of the game, whether you enjoy building and racing your way to the top of the leader boards or simply trying to scrape together enough supplies to survive long enough to collect more loot. There’s something here for everybody, so here are my suggestions. There may even be some Fortnite sock collectors among your friends.

For the video gamer in your life, you can create an entire world in which they can live. With an assortment of v-bucks gifts such as, the Fortnite Cookout Kit, your gamer can construct their very own kitchen and survive the harsh wilderness of the frontier. If you want, your gamer can take on the role of a cowboy or rancher and go on a fantastic western adventure right from their very own fort. The possibilities are endless with these Fortnite socks. For the kids, there’s the Fortnite Fireworks that lets them see fireworks at night through the clear v-neck.

Fortnite is also tapping into the children’s desires with the popular Fortnite Bingo. There are several unique Fortnite Bingo games available on the internet. One such game is Fortnite Bingo Millionaire that allows multiple players to enter a specific number in order to win big amounts of money. In order to win the million dollar prize, you will need to answer trivia questions. If you answer questions correctly, you will receive points, but if you answer incorrectly, you will lose.

Fortnite is yet again making their way into the lives of others. Fortnite is now offering two unique gift options; the Fortnite Digging and Fortnite Tuff Tonnage. The first option is a gift for the hardcore gamer in your life. The second option is geared towards the avid sports fan who wants to give their gift this holiday season.

This game is now available for download on your computer. If you haven’t played it yet, I highly recommend that you download it today. If you have played before and given gifts to your friends and loved ones, you know that some of the gifts that you gave were quite funny. The best gifts still make us smile even years later. By giving a gift card to Fortnite, you are allowing your loved one or friend the opportunity to experience a whole new world of gaming with the Fortnite Battleroyale set!

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