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Fortnite Gift Items That Can Be Used In The Video Game

It’s that time of year again – the time of year when you can finally open up your gift-giving catalog, grab your camera, and begin searching for the perfect gifts to give your friends and family as a way of showing them how much you care! This year, instead of going to the local mall and finding the same old boring gift items you’ve seen before, why not try something original this time around? With so many great ideas floating around, why not look towards custom gifts? Why not go for something unusual, something that may seem out of the ordinary but would definitely brighten anyone’s day? Here are some unique and thoughtful ideas for your holiday shopping!


Themed Fortnite Bingo – If you’re looking to add a little something different to your next online Bingo game, consider giving away one of each of the three gifts featured in the in-game Fortnite Bingo. You can choose between a standard red Bingo, a unique silver Bingo, or the traditional gold Bingo. Each of these gifts features a different Bingo number, and for every number that appears within the three-day in-game period, you will receive one of the three gifts featured. For example, if the in-game number runs out at the twenty-second hour, you’ll still have the chance to play a special Fortnite Bingo that features three gifts instead of just the standard two!

Battle Bus – If you want to give someone something special that is sure to make a statement, consider the official Fortnite Battle Bus toolbox. For each of the in-game battles that take place, you will be given access to a brand new Battle Bus! Inside the Battle Bus toolbox are items such as the Fortnite cooker and all of the parts that make up the vehicle, such as the tyres and batteries. If you win an item from one of the Battle Bus battles, you will receive the items within that specific Battle Bus. These Battle Bus parts make for a unique and desirable prize and can be included in any of the existing in-game challenges or as a prize for winning a Battle.

Fortnite Skins – The Fortnite player’s character, Baxton, comes with a variety of different facial expressions, making him one of the most well-recognised faces within the game. In order to unlock more of Baxton’s facial expressions, you will need to purchase the Fortnite Skin that is appropriate for the character. There are currently four available: The Grinking Face, Angerface, Eagerface, and the Fortnite Angerbag. All of these skins are available in different designs, ranging from simple tattoos to complex designs that feature a variety of colours and particles.

Official Fortnite Decorations – As mentioned earlier, there are several official fortnite decors that can be purchased and added to your in-game home. Two of these decors, the Battle Box and the Builder Set, are strictly for single players. The Battle Box features an authentic look at what a real fort would appear like, complete with working walls and doors. Similarly, the Builder Set allows the player to build their own base from the ground up, complete with working stone walls and doors.

These Fortnite gift items can be used by any player of Fortnite. However, they cannot be purchased unless you have purchased the Fortnite Digital Deluxe Edition, which is the most complete version of the game. For those of you who are new to the series, it is important to note that all of the available gifts – the Battle Bus, the Builder Set, and the Decorations – are obtainable at any time as part of the Fortnite Community Update. These updates are also available for other popular online games including the Age of Conan and the Warcraft series of games. For more information regarding Fortnite, check out its official website today.

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