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Fortnite Gifting – Don’t Forget About Those Gift Cards

The official Fortnite Facebook page gave away a number of gifts this holiday season, including the previously announced “Llama” plush toy. Now, there’s a new gift that you might want to consider purchasing: custom Fortnite loot bags! Available in a variety of sizes and colors, they are a great way to show your support for the Fortnite community and to make sure that your friends have something to bring home when they visit!

These cute little packages of loot are also perfect gifts for your kids. They’re perfect for birthday parties, sleepovers, and every day use! From gamer socks and cool stuffed Loot Llamas to Boogie Bomb lollipops and Chugger water bottles, these are among the neatest gifts for Fortnite fans this year. This fun little loot package will play music for up to four hours on a low charge and is available in so many other Fortnite-inspired shapes, as well. If you are looking for something a little different and more unique than the typical gaming bag, these can be a great option.

Fortnite is an awesome strategy game, so if you know anyone who is into this kind of thing, these can be a really good gift idea. A good suggestion might be the “builder’s set.” This includes all the pieces needed to build a fort, but it doesn’t include anything for actually playing the game – it’s just a great way to show someone you care about their hobby and to show off what your favorite genre of games can do. While you don’t actually need any materials for playing the game, these definitely make an impressive addition to any home or office gaming center. These Fortnite gift ideas are great because they’re both functional and they’re fun!

If you’re worried about the quality of these items, worry not! Fortnite has given you a lot of different options for gifting that are both functional and stylish, including the hit send and receive items, the loot bag, and the special edition loot crate. The hit send and receive option gives the recipient of your gift the option to either trade in their current blaster or keep it, while receiving a random selection of items from the Fortnite loot crate. Both of these options are sure to make your friends green with envy when they see them in person, and the loot crate makes for an awesome way to impress your friends when they see it sitting on the shelf at the grocery store.

If you’re looking for something a bit more special than a simple loot bag or game piece, the Fortnite battle royale is a great option. It’s like the old arcade game where you shoot at an icon with your crossbow and win hearts instead of dollars, but this time, you’re playing with real money! With a little over a hundred dollars, you can purchase the ultimate edition of the battle royale, allowing you to customize your gun, change the colors of your clothes, change the sounds, change the accessories that you need for the battle, and much more. This might sound like a lot of fun, but the best part of owning the Fortnite battle royale is the ability to equip it with V-bucks, the currency used in Fortnite to buy and sell things in the online game.

With a little more work, you could even outfit your character with even more V-bucks to help you get ahead faster. The Fortnite world is full of adventure and excitement, so taking the time to think about the different gifts you could give your friends or guild members is definitely worth the effort. As you work on your holiday gift list, try to give each character in your party something they will truly appreciate. Whether you choose to spend a few dollars on an elaborate setup complete with multiple stages of action, or spend just a few cents on a handful of Fortnite clip art, your gifting ideas are sure to be appreciated.

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