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If your special person happens to adore the genre of survival horror and fantasy, then it is certainly high time that you gave them a treat with their favorite video game. If your significant other happens to be a Call of Duty fan like most of us, then giving them a custom edition of the game is sure to be the best gift you can give them this year. If your significant other enacts the ritual every day, and you wish to give them something they’ll enjoy, but unfortunately they already got enough V- Bucks to go along with it, then giving them an awesome Fortnite themed gift is sure to be the best gift you can give them this year. Below are a few ideas on what to give to people who are die hard fans of the video game:


Customizable Fortnite Helmets- If your significant other happens to be more of a survival type of guy, then gifting items relating to survival would definitely appeal to them more. A customized Fortnite helmet will definitely make them feel like they’re on a video game or movie, and if they’ve never used one of these helmets before, it will surely to make their day. The Fortnite helmet has an awesome base color, and a lot of different options that can be added onto it. From a bright orange color, to various pouches and pockets that will let them carry stuff around the game site, they’ll be awestruck by the unique look of their new helmet.

Fortnite Playing Cards & Stickers- Giving out unique and cool playing cards will definitely make those in-game friends happy. And if you don’t have any clue where to buy them, then just give away the in-game Fortnite playing cards and stickers to your friend as gift items. They will certainly appreciate it, especially if you customized them with their own picture or image of the character they’ve been controlling throughout the game. Fortnite also has some great stickers that you can give away as well. You can even see the different kinds of stickers in-game by hovering your cursor over the top of your screen.

Fortnite Helmet or Stat – This last one is actually a combination of the previous two. A customized Fortnite helmet or stat is a sure fire way of notifying your friend that you’ve just got them a present that speaks something special. For starters, it’s an item that can be modified, giving them an entirely new look. Stat that comes with a helmet is basically a miniature wearable that boosts their defense against damage, providing them better protection from enemy attacks. Although the Fortnite helmet or stat cannot be used in the in-game battles, this is definitely the best present you can give to your friends the next time you play Fortnite.

The final gift I have for you today is the Fortnite battle bus. What is a battle bus you ask? It is basically a gigantic, fully automated vehicle that you can customize with your very own graphics. For your convenience, this gift also comes with a Fortnite journal which records the events of each session you play in the game. There are so many things you can do with your customized battle bus that it’s definitely worth the money you spend on it.

When it comes to gifting items to other players, customizing them is definitely the best choice. There are literally thousands of gifts you can purchase online. However, I feel like giving something that is more personal and meaningful is always the best choice. When you purchase a customized gift like the Fortnite battle bus, you are giving something that speaks more about you and your friend. Not only that, but you will also ensure that your gift is something that your friend will remember for years to come and never forget. With all these benefits, I really feel like it’s worth spending a few extra bucks on the perfect Fortnite gifting items.

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