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Fortnite Gifts – Four of Your Favorite Video Games in a Bundle


Fortnite Gifts – Four of Your Favorite Video Games in a Bundle

From snazzy gamer shirts and cool stuffed loot lamas to boogie bottled and lighted Lipizzas, these are just some of the most awesome gifts for Fortnite fans you can purchase this season. This festive adorably little loot lama speaker comes in many different Fortnite-inspired shapes, as well, and will play music four hours for four days straight. When you want to get your loved one involved in the festivities of your next Fortnite battle, this is an amazing way to get your point across.

What could be cuter than a high-tech, fully-functional radio that plays three different radio stations at once? The Fortnite Battleroyale is a high-tech radio that will keep your loved one busy with entertaining news reports, talk shows, weather reports, and even the latest update on the Battleroyale Facebook page. It’s perfect for any occasion and is included in the Fortnite Custom Gifts range of gifts. A quick call to your loved one’s attention will let her know what is new in town-and let your friends know, too! She’ll hear about all the action from her very own touch screen.

Want something a little more personal? Then why not consider the Fortnite Bingo cardigan? This soft, comfortable pullover sweater will keep your loved one warm during the cold winter nights. It also serves as a custom gifts item, so it can be worn over again. The bingo cardigan comes in three colors-red, blue, and white, and is available in adult sizes X-large through X-Small.

To top off your evening out at the future premiere of the upcoming movie of the same name, consider the Fortnite Prizeeer hat, available in adult sizes Small through X-large. As seen on the popular TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, this unique hat is actually a wearable video game that will allow your loved one to compete in video game tournaments all over the world! And if you want to add a little more bling to her wardrobe, the prizeeer hat comes in two additional styles-a silver design and a gold design.

If your loved one is really into the Battleroyale series, then consider buying her some of her favorite skins from the Fortnite series. Fortnite gives you the option of choosing between a wide variety of four new skins, each depicting one of the four teams in the Battleroyale video game. These skins are included in all of the Fortnite Gift Sets, making them an ideal present for any occasion! A quick call to your loved one will let her know which of the four new skins she has been given her hands on.

The Battleroyale video game has just become available on the Nintendo Wii, so this is a great opportunity to get your loved one a gift for herself or for someone else. With so many different styles of clothing available in stores today, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect gift for someone special. Just remember to keep the theme in mind when purchasing these videos games-and don’t forget to buy her a Fortnite Gift Set! She’ll love you for it!

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