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Fortnite Hit Send And Gift Option Now Available

When it comes to online multiplayer browser game like Fortnite, the chances are that you will have a hard time choosing between the different options offered by the game’s developers. Fortnite has a number of modes to choose from – Story, Endless, Multiplayer and other challenges that will keep you busy for a couple of hours. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right one among the Fortnite modes:

Play Fortnite For Free. If you really want to win a Fortnite battle royale, then it is important that you explore the Fortnite gifts and other rewards that they offer you as a winner. With the Fortnite flash cards, sunglasses, jewelry, and other cosmetic stuff available on Gear Quest, you will be glad to know you too can also play Fortnite for free. We have rounded up the top Fortnite modes for free download from its official site. The list consists of:

Hit Send. This is one of the Fortnite battle royale modes where your aim is to build an arsenal in order to win over the enemy. As soon as you are done with this task, a message will appear that says “You have reached the epicenter of the battlefield”. In this gifting mode, a player will receive a loadout kit, a rocket mount, two barrel blasts, a minibus horn, and a cross bow.

Fortnite V-Bucks. You will need a large number of footnotes to start this battle royale mode. Once you have a large number of footnotes collected, talk to Wayfarer Wayfu who will move on to the next step. He will then ask you to obtain three hundred more v-bucks before proceeding to the next step. Upon completion of this step, you will be rewarded with the title: “Esteemed Wayfarer of Fortnite” for your assistance in retrieving three hundred Fortnite Swag.

Fortnite V-bucks can be gotten by participating in all four levels of the fortnite game without dying. Once you are done accumulating the required number of v-bucks, Wayfarer Wayfu will again ask you to visit the trading post in order to exchange your accumulated v-bucks for the item G-Cash. To make things easier for you, there is now an item shop available on the main menu which makes gifting items such as Fortnite V-bucks an easy task.

You can purchase the G-Cash at the trading post once you have enough stock of it. The item shop will allow you to buy or sell any item that is included in the Fortnite game so you are free to pick the items that you want to add to your virtual inventory. If you find a particular item that you want to have but are not near enough to the item shop, you can always use the quick buy option in order to get the item that you need in no time.

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