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Fortnite – How to Get the Most From Your Fortnite Experience

Everyone likes to receive gifts – but not everyone knows exactly what to give them! Giving gifts in Fortnite is still a good way to show someone you appreciate them, celebrate their birthdate or any other holiday, and make the game just a little more social. Unfortunately, though, it’s also fairly easy to accidentally send the wrong gift, especially when you’re not sure where to start. If you know how, though, giving gifts in Fortnite can be surprisingly easy.

The first thing you need to think about when choosing between what to give someone in Fortnite is the type of item they might really enjoy. Fortunately, players who wish to send gifts are able to head straight to their nearest item shop in Fortnite before selecting anything at all. Once there, however, players are presented with two possible gifts to pick from: v-bucks and ribbons.

V-bucks are given on the rare occasion of reaching level 5 or higher in the Fortnite game, which should happen pretty regularly for anyone playing the game. Just like the name suggests, these are actual V-shaped tokens that players can collect by running up fort walls. Each wall can contain one hundred and twenty V-bucks, making earning them incredibly worthwhile over time. While they’re a little more difficult to obtain than ribbons, the high amount of coins they yield makes them worth the effort.

However, while ribbons are essentially just a fancier way to collect V-bucks, the Fortnite hit send feature makes them an excellent choice of gifts. To use the gifting system in Fortnite, all you do is select one of two available gifts: the emblematic hit send or the bumper hit send. Using one of these two options will award players with ten coins per hit. The bumper option, meanwhile, will award players with three coins for every ten attempts they make to throw the ball through the hoops.

Both of these options are available as part of the fort battle royale expansion. The Battle Royale Pack comes with three themed gifts that are great for any player looking for a fun way to get some Fortnite XP. Themed gifts include the skull and crossbones emblem, the truck driver hat emblem, and the fire fighter symbol. These three are available as either ribbons or V-bucks and can be used to purchase all of the items you need from the market without having to earn them through doing any actual work. They also come with helpful hints and tips printed on the packaging, so you know exactly how to make use of the items you buy. With the Battle Royale Packs, you won’t have to worry about going back and forth to the gift box to collect your daily allotment of coins.

A popular method of gifting Fortnite to friends and family is to give the Battle Royale Pack as a gift instead of the regular gifts that you can purchase from the in-game store. If you don’t have the Battle Royale Packs, don’t worry; all you have to do is open up your Steam client to see whether or not there’s an available gift option there. If there isn’t, you can go to the store menu and select “Subscribe to Steam”, which will add the Fortnite account settings that are required to play the game to your current online profile. After this, you can select a code to enter into the in-game gift box. All you need to do then is press “Check Gift”, and you will see the code that will allow you to receive all of the above rewards.

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