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Fortnite Looter Box, Fortnite Crate, and Fortnite Developer Set to Be the Hottest Gift This Christmas

When it comes to loot crates, one company has stood out in the past few years as the top seller: Fortnite. The manufacturer of the popular “Loot” app, Fortnite is constantly coming out with new games, expansions, and even themed related merchandise. In early 2010, they released a selection of loot games based on popular movie and television series like Star Wars, Call of Duty, and The Walking Dead. This year, they’re focusing their efforts on providing even more classic video game merchandise that will be sure to please both fans of the video game and the collectors who are looking for rarer items.

One of the many unique ways you can celebrate the release of Fortnite is by honoring your favorite video game characters with custom loot crates. The Fortnite Looter pack is essentially an expansion to the original game, but it gives players a chance to add more weapons, armor, and accessories to their existing arsenal. This lovingly simple, adorably small loot crate comes in a variety of Fortnite shapes, as well, and can play music for up to four hours on a single charge. You may just be able to steal these little treasures from your fellow gamers to play a match of Fortnite on the computer with that special Fortnite-related Monopoly set.

Another one of the Fortnite gifts available this year is the Fortnite Gun Case. What makes this particular loot Crate interesting is that it allows you to store up to four guns inside, which means you’ll never have to worry about running out of ammo or having your favorite gun out in play when a fight breaks out somewhere. If you prefer to play on the offensive, the Fortnite shotgun is a handy way to deal damage to multiple opponents at once. Plus, the crate comes with two v-bucks, which you can use to purchase upgrades for your weaponry.

The Fortnite Rocketlauncher also makes an excellent gift. The fortnite rocket launcher, meanwhile, lets you quickly launch at least one shot in any direction, making it ideal for taking down multiple opponents at once. This Fortnite loot box also features an animated screen that shows the score of your last kill and highlights it in red. A nice touch is the Fortnite logo emblazoned on the weapon’s side.

For the more outgoing gamer in your life, consider giving them Fortnite HD and v-bucks for a couple of gifts this year. For HD, you can choose between the various episodes of the hit animated comedy series, or you can select a special edition that includes a collection of bonus scenes from the first season. For v-bucks, you can pick between three different v-packs, each featuring a different range of weapons and vehicles from the game.

If you want something a little quieter, then there are several great Fortnite gift ideas you can give. One great choice is a Fortnite creator, which allows the user to construct their very own fort with materials found within the game. A creative and useful gift, this is sure to be a hit with everyone in your gaming circle of friends!

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