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Fortnite Pets and Skins

When it comes to board games there is nothing quite like Fortnite. If destroying all your opponents on an endless virtual battlefield was not enough, Fortnite is here to literally ruin your enemies, or friendly neighbors, in real life too! The homes that are available for purchase in this exciting game are all named for places from the actual game including haunted hills and Tilted Towers. These homes include everything from the original version, which is only a few steps away from the airport that the player gets to fly in for a quick extra plane, to the seven-story haunted house in Fortnite City that houses the villainous Fat Man. There is even a real bank that one can take out loans from in the game!


The only problem with using Fortnite as a game is that most people who would like to buy the homes and other stuff in the game, do not live near the location that has the Fortnite setup. This presents a unique problem to the gifting community. Since the closest physical Fortnite display is several miles away, the closest person who can receive one of the many Fortnite custom gifts available is probably going to be the person living nearest the office or home where the game is setup. It may also be difficult for other friends or family members to obtain the large number of custom gifts that are available.

Luckily there is a solution to this main problem. Two great solutions have been created just for Fortnite players that cannot find the closest virtual representation of their home: Battle royale and Fortnite Pets. Both of these fun online games are available to all users that own the Fortnite Ultimate Strategy Game. With Battle royale players able to use their vehicles and terrain to attack other players, and pets being able to move around and do damage, it makes it very easy for any Fortnite player to enjoy the benefits of having both a house and a pet. In fact, if you are an avid Fortnite player, chances are that you own more of both the house and the pet than you actually know what to do with!

Both Battle Royal and Fortnite Pets are fantastic additions to any online strategy gaming community. While there are many positive aspects of playing Battle Royal that is loved by all players, it is the ability to play pets! Once your pet dies, you do not have to worry about cleaning up the remains of your pet like you do with most other games. That said, while the pets make the game more fun, they may not be the best solution when you want to try to find something specific.

Thankfully, there is another solution to the problem. Fortnite skins are a great solution. Fortnite skins are a digital product that can be purchased as a download or downloaded right onto your computer from the official Fortnite website. Once you have the Fortnite Skins downloaded to your computer, you can then use the Fortnite skins to customize your house, display messages in the chat box, and more! Not only can you personalize your pet, but you can also personalize your entire home and guild in a way that will truly be impressive!

It is very simple to download Fortnite Skins to your computer. The Fortnite site does not actually sell the actual skins, but they do offer instructions on how to get skins once you have purchased the download. Once you have skins downloaded, you can then load them onto your computer and begin using them! These are very easy to use and customize your computer for, and truly make managing your house a more enjoyable experience! So, the next time that you are stuck running around your house during battle trying to fight off waves of monsters, remember that you can always get a nice scare with a nice Fortnite Skin!

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