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Fortnite – Review of Luigi’s Paper Trail

The popularity of Fortnite is undeniable, and I think this speaks to the fact that it’s a really great game. But let’s face it, when you get online, you’re going to see tons of other people playing the game, and when you see them playing, there are all sorts of little offers and gimmicks for them to play with.

One of those offers is called Luigi’s Paper Trail. It’s actually a GameStop promotion where they’re trying to encourage new players to pick up their copy of Fortnite so they can “beat the creator” and get the best weapon in the game – in Luigi’s case, the paper bag.

What’s in the paper bag? Well, this bag contains four bottles of energy drinks, which will give you an incredible edge in Fortnite – the makers of the game have come up with the coolest equipment in the whole game. The bag also has what appears to be a machine for cleaning windows, but at some point, the contents of the bag have been emptied into a machine that turns red paint, instead of soda cans.

But why would you want to pick up a copy of the game that comes with these types of accessories? Some might be curious as to why a game maker would include them in the game. One possible answer to that question is that the developer of the game actually wants to encourage players to go back and buy more of the game – the more people buy the game, the more money the developers make, so maybe they’d like to offer some incentive to keep playing.

But what about in the future DLCs and other items? Well, GameStop has not confirmed that it’s planning on getting any of these items released, so it’s not like they’re actively working on them right now. Maybe it’ll be a concept that doesn’t exist yet that they’ll include in their games later.

If you’re wondering if any of this is a scam, well, I’d say that it’s a bit of both. On one hand, there is the idea that this is just another way for the game creator to sell copies of the game – while the idea of using any sort of giveaway item to encourage players to pick up their game is quite a nice concept, it’s also a little strange to see a GameStop promoting a game with bottles of energy drinks, which aren’t even in the game yet. Plus, there are plenty of other promotional items that don’t come with bottles of drinks (e.g.

These are just two examples of how ridiculous some of the offers for games are. While you might be interested in seeing how much time and effort go into making these gifts, what you probably shouldn’t do is take them at face value. At the end of the day, these are just normal products being packaged together to promote a particular product – these are, however, still extremely useful and fun.

If you’re interested in playing Fortnite, then these are definitely gifts for you. They will keep you on your toes, and they’ll keep you playing – they’re always going to help you win, which is important. The best thing about these products is that you won’t find anything in these bags in the actual game, so you can use them as a thing to keep track of your level or whatever you’re doing in the game, and they’re definitely something for the kids to have fun with.

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