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Fortnite To Take Over the World?

In the midst of all the accolades of their insanely popular game of fable, Supercell has made a few decisions that will absolutely alter the nature of the game industry. The battle between game developers is shaping up to be one of the most fierce battles in decades – that will likely see a new genre of game develop with a whole new level of flexibility, in the form of an online gaming concept.


Supercell’s decision to include a Story Mode in their game is extremely important for the future of the game industry. When a developer decides to build a standalone game, what they are essentially doing is building a bigger piece of the puzzle – but it is vital to know that this game is just one piece of the puzzle.

That’s because the way in which different games work is quite different. For instance, a game like Battlefield or World of Warcraft, both of which have been around for well over ten years, do not need an additional player. Neither do certain newer games such as DOTA, which is a totally new spin on the game genre.

When you consider the global and traditional MMO player base, you realise that we will soon be in a situation where the industry will look entirely different. The reason why it is so important to understand the basics of how different genres work is because if you don’t, you could miss out on opportunities that could make your business a lot better off in the long run.

If you are to create an online game, you need to have a concept that works perfectly well with the online gaming medium. There are a few examples of this: Diablo, which is still very popular in the game market today, was first seen in the offline realm. All of the great innovations that the game introduced were because it was able to translate itself into a very intuitive online game format.

Fortnite could have done the same thing. However, we could see a lot of exciting changes to the way that this game is going to function. At present, there is a huge potential for the game to become incredibly popular; but unless there is a change to the game itself, it will quickly follow the footsteps of the many other games that failed to live up to expectations.

What Fortnite is going to do is to make use of a new game engine – in fact, its is called Unreal Engine 4. All of the great elements of the genre have been introduced into this new engine, and what this does is to make sure that a lot of things that are currently struggling for success can be helped towards a platform where they are likely to succeed. The reason that this is important is because it means that the game industry can finally realise that they can no longer rely solely on the standard genres that we see.

This is because each game is now going to have a unique element that gives it a great potential for success. It’s an exciting time to be an entrepreneur in the gaming industry, and it’s also incredibly important that you understand how the market operates, so that you can succeed in your own industry. These new developments by Supercell are going to ensure that those opportunities emerge quickly.

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