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Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Masks and Equipment

Face Mask

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Masks and Equipment

A facial mask is typically a soft, absorbent cloth mask worn over the nose and cheeks, designed to tighten the facial skin. Soft cloth face masks are ideal for people who frequently suffer from acne, because they do not irritate the skin and they do not scrape it. In addition, soft cloth masks often feel comfortable on the skin. Soft cloth face masks can be worn for a variety of purposes. When facial distancing isn’t possible, and if traditional masks aren’t readily available, a cloth face mask can provide similar benefits.

The traditional nose-and-mouth face mask has been around for decades and is quite popular. A long piece of thread is tied snugly around each nostril, then a dropper is used to dispense a warm saline solution through the thread, drawing out mucus and dirt and activating the healing properties of the solution. Traditional use has shown benefits in shrinking pores, reducing redness of the skin, reducing snoring, controlling excess perspiration and even reducing swelling after surgery or other trauma to the face.

Soft disposable plastic nasal cannula threads (often called “cannulas” by plastic surgeons) are often used as a nasal cannula for the purpose of tightening the skin of the inner nostril during rhinoplasty. Since disposable plastic pieces can be sterilized and re-sterilized as needed, this method avoids the problems inherent in using a nasal cannula, such as possible infection and adverse reactions to anesthesia. As with the soft cloth mask, the benefits of this procedure can be experienced both for short-term and long-term applications.

In order to achieve the maximum benefits of this procedure, it is important to choose the right mask. Many medical masks today contain activated carbon, which is useful in reducing dust and airborne particles. However, carbon granules can clog airway passages, reduce oxygen levels and increase coughing. Therefore, you should choose a medical mask that utilizes activated carbon or an alternative technology that provides higher particle filtration efficiency without increasing discomfort and airway irritation. One such technology is the air pillows that uses air compression to decrease surface tension and increase lung volumes. Air pillows can be used in the privacy of your own home and provide improved respiratory health and comfort.

A common cause of death around the world is caused by inhalation of airborne viruses and bacteria, such as those responsible for the deadly SARS virus, or severe acute respiratory syndrome. Medical professionals have known for years that medical masks help prevent these types of illnesses from reaching the patient. Controlling and containing these harmful elements is crucial to prolonging the survival of the patient and reducing the risks of serious complications and death. Masks that fit well, including all protective gear, are essential for these patients, as these medical professionals are faced with very dangerous circumstances.

There are many more frequently asked questions concerning medical supplies and equipment. These include questions regarding the importance of using disposable gloves when washing or sanitizing surgical masks, which often happen to be the first question most people ask when choosing surgical masks. Other frequently asked questions deal with the use of silicon gel sheets during surgical procedures and the importance of an airtight face mask when working in an area with contaminated air. If you or a loved one have any of the symptoms listed above, it is best to consult a physician before deciding on a treatment plan. However, medical professionals are also well trained in the use of protective and other devices to ensure that everyone attending the doctor’s office is safe and comfortable with the equipment they will be using while receiving care.

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