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Frequently Asked Questions About Nasal Irrigation Masks

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nasal Irrigation Masks

An emergency treatment for a wound or a surgical procedure requires a good quality face mask to protect the patient’s nasal and mouth parts from the harmful dust and particles that can affect their health badly. A good quality surgical mask, also called a surgical face mask, is an individual protective equipment worn by medical professionals during surgical procedures. This type of mask has either been made by professionals or can be bought from the marketplace. It is designed to efficiently prevent any contamination of the breathing system of the wearer and thus saving the patient from any kind of infection or contamination.

A surgical face mask has a number of features which make it different from other types of masks available in the market. These features are helpful in protecting the wearer from dust particles, harmful bacteria or any foreign objects that might enter into the patient’s breathing system. They have a snug fit on the face while allowing easy air circulation around the mask. Most of these types of masks have a special ventilation hole located in the centre. The size and shape of this hole should be selected carefully because it should suit the exact face of the wearer.

There are two types of face masks which include the full-face mask and the nasal. The difference between the two types lies in the fact that the full type covers the entire nose and mouth area to the nasal type cover only the nose and mouth. A good quality cloth mask can prevent particles from entering the patient’s nose causing a stinging sensation on the affected parts of the body.

Cleaning of surgical masks can be a little difficult because they are usually made of special cloth material which allows easy cleaning without destroying the look of the cloth material. The best option available in this regard is to use anti-bacterial liquid which is generally used to clean surgical gloves. It can easily be applied on the cloth and can be left for at least 30 minutes so that the bacterial content can dry completely. This process is generally recommended, even when using disposable medical devices so as to ensure its long-term usage.

There are other important features which should also be taken into consideration while choosing a face covering like the comfort level, the ease with which the device can be worn, easy portability and the suitability of the particular patient. All the three attributes mentioned above should meet the expectations of the wearer. Another very important thing to consider while choosing a surgical mask is the kind of nasal irrigation the mask can provide. If a sufficient amount of moisture can be provided to the patients’ nose at all times then it would be a great boon. However, if the nose is kept dry for a long time then chances of infections increases manifold.

Ears are the most frequently asked questions by patients as the process of extracting any fluid from inside the nose is quite a complicated process. Air must be forced inside the nose via the eardrum and this is done with the help of a syringe attached to the mask. If the nose is blocked up then this procedure becomes all the more difficult. As a result, most people may be tempted to buy an inexpensive nasal irrigator to use whenever this problem arises.

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