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Frequently Asked Questions About Surgical Masks

A face mask, sometimes called a cpap mask (continuous positive airway pressure), is an appliance that is used to prevent the airway from collapsing in sleep. An airtight cloth face mask is a plastic mask usually made of light common fabric, typically cotton, worn directly over the nose and mouth. When physical distancing is not possible and when other better masks aren’t available, cloth face masks provide good protection against apnea. cpap mask designs allow for adjustments to accommodate most facial features and provide good comfort and air circulation.

cpap face masks are worn during sleep by patients who have sleep apnea and other conditions that can be seriously debilitating or even fatal if left untreated. These devices are often worn for several nights in a row to begin to establish a regular breathing pattern. A surgical mask, worn as either an overnight device or while at night while sleeping, is another option. Both of these types of appliances are often recommended for long periods of time until a definitive cure has been identified and used.

There are many different types of cpap mask available. The most common type of device is the cpap(pronounced “way) mask. This type of face mask (and its variations) are worn with the patient’s mouth open slightly to allow air to flow through the throat area. A plastic sleeve is usually attached to the mask and is pulled over the mouth to cover the mouth. A chin cushion makes the mask easier to wear and to keep from slipping down the throat.

The next most popular style of cpap mask is the traditional face mask worn during nighttime while asleep. A soft plastic piece is slid forward over the nose and mouth to help prevent the mouth from falling open while sleeping. Often with a chin cushion a chin strap is included to help keep it in place. These types of face masks are worn daily, but not as frequently as the nightwear type.

Another frequently asked question is how the different types of masks work. Essentially the answer is that all work by reducing the amount of air flowing through the respiratory system. Each one works in a different way to reduce air flow though. Generally, they are designed to increase airflow by taking away small particles, such as dust or mites. They are also designed to keep them from passing air under the patient’s skin, which can lead to swelling.

Different types of face masks can be adjusted to allow for greater or less air flow. For instance, a smaller one may work well for someone with light nasal congestion or even a small child. They can be specially made to fit over and around a child’s teeth to keep them from snoring when they sleep. Because they are made of special materials and designed to be comfortable to wear and easy to clean after the patient is done using them, surgical masks remain one of the most common surgical treatments used today.

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