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Fun Gifts For Children

If you’ve ever been to a kid’s birthday party or other festive occasion where people dress up as their favorite character from the latest video game or cartoon, you’ve probably seen at least one person decked out in some form of Fortnite gear. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been thinking, “Where do I find these great prizes?” Whether it’s a set of personalized shirts that fit the character or custom hats, there are just too many options for a typical birthday or Christmas party to go without. It’s only natural for parents to want to add a little extra flare to their kids’ parties with some fun and interesting items to share and play with. So here are some top five things to give out as fun and unique gifts to your guests when it comes to celebrating your child’s birthday party.

From plush stuffed Loot Llamas and Fortnite wigs to Booger Bomb wigs and plush stuffed loot lamas, these are all awesome custom gifts to give away. Any child (and/or collector!) who can’t get enough Fortnite time at the computer will love this great plush stuffed loot llama. You may even be able to snag them away during the party to play some board games with this very special FortnITE-themed Monopoly set! If that’s the case, then these are the perfect choice.

The other option for the more adventurous among you is stuffed plush pets. I’m sure you know the cute little bear and the cute little bunny from the game, and if you have kids, you likely have two or three of each. You could actually get two or three of each as a fun gift basket. These plush pets are super fun for birthday parties, holiday gift giving, or just a way to show that you care. There are loads of stuffed pet stores, and even online shopping stores, to help you find the right plush stuffed pets to suit your personality traits.

Don’t forget about video games, either! This is a great gift that can be given even for a kid who lives in the middle of nowhere. You can even get a video game for the laptop, a Nintendo Wii gamepad, or Nintendo DS, and some other portable gaming gadgets (I know, you’ll need a lot of games!). Either way, this video game is sure to be a huge hit and will definitely be talked about throughout the party. As an added bonus, this gift could be customized to fit any character from Fortnite, so if you can’t find a specific character on the game, you can always try “The Legend of Zelda” as a gift. Just make sure to include your child’s name or the character’s name as the theme in the card or thank you note so you know exactly what to buy. You’ll be surprised at how easily these simple cards and notes are created, so don’t be afraid to be creative with them!

If you’re looking for custom gifts that aren’t strictly “game related,” but are just as fun, consider a custom printed hoodie or hooded sweatshirt. These are a fun gift that kids will wear for months, even years. Plus, you can get the same great quality design at the same time as the other custom gifts, which makes it easy to keep in touch with the other participants and the kids’ parents and friends. If you’re looking for something really unique, why not buy a hoodie that can double as a bedding set? For example, you can purchase a pillow case for your child’s bed, or bedding and blankets to put under his or her pillows. The possibilities are endless, especially if you take the time to browse online, or pick up a few items at your local clothing store.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a child in your life, or a unique one-off gift for your friend or coworker, a custom stuffed animal from Fortnite might just make a great gift for any occasion. Take some time to browse through online stores and see what kind of personalized stuffed animal you can get, or just let your imagination run wild. Once you have your order, just remember that it’s all about showing the person you’re giving it to that you’re happy they were a part of your special day!

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