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How A Face Mask Can Help You Breathe Better

Face Mask

How A Face Mask Can Help You Breathe Better

A medical mask, also called a surgical face mask, is designed to be worn only by medical professionals while undergoing medical procedures. This type of mask is usually composed of a sterile plastic covering that fits over the entire mouth, nose, and throat to keep air flowing in. Because it covers the mouth and nose, it restricts the flow of air through the nose, making it difficult for a patient to breathe. While these types of masks are primarily used for medical procedures, they can also be used for general facial hygiene purposes.

Many doctors prefer to use a medical mask while examining patients, since the mask keeps the airways open so that they can speak clearly. It prevents the patient from choking or inhaling too much mucous. When patients undergo surgeries, using a face mask to help keep them comfortable during the procedure helps doctors get a clear view of the patient’s face and body, allowing them to perform the procedure correctly. Although it is typically worn during medical procedures, it can also be used to dry off irritated or blistered lips or hands.

These types of disposable plastic mask are usually made of polypropylene and can be purchased at most drugstores. The mask should be sterilized after each use and should be placed inside a plastic bag before disposal. Patients who wear disposable medical masks for a prolonged period should wash them regularly in hot water or put a mixture of 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide and one-half cup of bleach into the bag and flush out the air pockets on a daily basis.

A disposable plastic nose plug, which is also referred to as a postoperative face mask, can also be purchased to help reduce pain after surgery. These plugs are used in conjunction with a disposable plastic face pad that covers the nose. When a doctor places a face pad on the nose of a patient, he or she can feel a continuous sensation and warmth on the nose area, which means the plastic nose plug is not interfering with the patient’s breathing. In addition to a nose plug, the face pad can also include instructions on how to properly use a nasal rinse after surgery. This ensures that the patient uses the proper amount of nasal irrigation to cleanse his or her nose.

To dispose of a disposable plastic face mask, just throw it in the trash or leave it in the trash at home. Before placing a plastic face pad or mask inside a plastic bag, it is best to wash the plastic face pad first in hot water or bleach, or sanitize it in a solution of water and bleach to make it sanitary.

Since it is disposable, these types of disposable face pads, nose plugs, and other masks can be worn for a short period of time in between medical procedures. However, they are not recommended for long periods of time. A face pad should be changed often and it should be cleaned out every day or two to remove bacteria, food particles, and dried on a hanger. The face mask should never be used for more than twenty to thirty minutes in a single day because repeated exposure can cause irritations to the skin.

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