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How a Face Mask Helps Stop the Spread of Infections and Allergens

A surgical face mask, also called a medical facial mask, is designed to be worn only by medical staff during medical procedures. Surgical masks are designed to prevent infections from spreading in medical staff and reducing the risk to patients of facial tissue damage, by capturing airborne bacteria and droplets on the face and other absorbent materials from the mouth and nose of the wearer. Surgeons may need to wear these protective masks for several hours while performing a specific surgical procedure. The masks prevent infection by preventing the release of airborne pathogens into the air. The importance of these surgical masks has increased due to the growing number of infections that occur in hospitals that are crowded, with a higher than normal level of infections.

One of the most common ways in which surgical masks restrict the air flow through the mask is by reducing the size of the droplets of mucus that are released. The larger the droplets the less likely they are to stay in the mouth area where they can be inhaled by patients. This can cause the spread of germs. Because the amount of mucus in the mouth is controlled surgeons are better able to maintain appropriate levels of nasal irrigation, which is important to preventing the spread of disease. While breathing is restricted surgeons are better able to focus on their work by focusing on the task at hand, rather than the sensation of cold or a burning sensation on the face or in the chest. By breathing through the nose rather than the mouth surgeons increase the efficiency with which they are able to perform their tasks by ensuring that the patient receives the full amount of oxygen that is required.

Another important benefit provided by the use of a surgical mask may help to reduce the risk of exposure to small particles. During surgery it is common for a variety of small particles to be inhaled into the patient’s air. While many of these may be dislodged during the procedure, some remain and can cause serious problems when breathed in through the lungs. For this reason a surgical mask may help to reduce the number of particles that are inhaled, thereby reducing the risk of infection.

Since the face mask will need to absorb some of the noise created during the procedure, it will need to be constructed with various layers. The first layer should be made from a fabric that is soft yet durable. Various types of plastic and thin sheets of fabric have been used to manufacture the various layers needed to accomplish this goal. Generally these layers will be tied together using Velcro, twine or fabric ties. The amount of fabric needed will depend on how the entire face will be covered and whether the surgeon wants a tight or loose fit.

Face masks may also be constructed from a variety of materials depending upon what is required. The more common materials that face masks may be constructed from include velour, soft vinyl, neoprene, silicone and cloth. Although surgical masks made from these synthetic fabrics will not be as comfortable as those that are constructed from natural materials, they will still be effective in blocking out external noises. However, synthetic masks are generally not as durable as most natural ones so they will need to be replaced more often. As with Velcro and twine ties, the amount of fabric needed will also need to be carefully considered since some masks will cover far more area than others.

Face masks help stop the spread of bacterial infections and allergens by closing off the nose and mouth. This is because the mask provides an airtight seal around the person’s nose and mouth. These seals are especially important for people who suffer from allergies. They allow for a quick and easy transfer from one patient to the next without any problems occurring in the transfer process. The masks also prevent a build up of sweat on the patient’s face and around the nose and mouth. This is due to the excess humidity in the environment that helps spread the bacteria and allergens around the office.

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