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How Effective is a Face Mask?

A Face Mask can be used as a preventative or prophylactic measure against the threat of skin cancer. If you are exposed to UV radiation or the sun’s rays, it is a very good idea to use one. It is also good practice to wear a face mask in between playing outside and getting out of the pool for some fresh air.

A face mask may seem like a simple little mask, but they can have some serious side effects. I am sure you have seen sunburn victims with scarring from their face masks. You should make sure that the company that makes your mask does not recommend them for people who are too young to be wearing them.

They could even contain Boric Acid! One of the newest masks on the market is made up of hot oil with some sort of surfactant. The effect of the surfactant is to keep the liquid from spreading around. This effect can cause the eyes to burn if they get too close to the mask.

When the oil disperses it spreads the moisture into the skin. As a result it causes redness. People get redness when they get too close to the sun.

In a face mask it helps to add a bit of hot oil to the surface. I am not sure why it would help to cover the redness of the skin. The oils do not spread, but more skin cells are shed.

People with oily skins are more likely to get scarring from a mask. When the person starts to wear their mask, they have no idea what they are getting into. It is possible that they could end up with blemishes.

As a preventative measure it is a good idea to put your mask on while you are out in the fresh air. If you cannot get out in the fresh air, then you could try to put it on during the night. That way you will be protected from exposure to UV radiation.

Many people suffer from allergies when they wear them. The face mask that covers your face may block some of the allergens. So I would recommend that if you have allergies that you only wear the mask when it is absolutely necessary.

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