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How Face Masking Can Combat Social Distancing

A face mask, also known as a facial sweat mask, is typically a plastic or textile face mask worn over the nose and mouth. Although more expensive than cloth or other cloth-based masks, a face mask can provide some measure of protection from airborne bacteria. While more effective than cloth masks, if physical distancing is practically impossible and if purchasing a cloth mask is not possible, a face mask made out of common fabrics may be your best solution. Popular fabrics include cotton and polyester. Cotton masks will usually cover the nose and mouth, while polyester blends will cover the cheeks, chin, and forehead. Most face masks should come with the fabric instructions and should be washed accordingly.

Face Mask

Exhalation Valves are worn on top of the face mask to prevent excessive sweating from occurring. Typically, these devices are one-piece units with a cover that is secured by Velcro straps or other fastening methods. The basic design of most exhalation valves looks like a sweat guard. While most devices are typically made of one piece, some have two layers of fabric or mesh that can be adjusted to fit your particular needs.

Nose Grabbers These devices are worn on the outside of the face near the ear. Generally, they are made out of a sturdy mesh material and are secured by Velcro straps. To make sure you are wearing the right device, make sure it is the correct size and that it’s attached firmly to your nostril with a sufficient amount of force. Different types of nose guards are made specifically for each individual, so it’s important to make sure you choose a guard that fits properly.

AC (Autoclavable Continuous Delivery) A facial sweat guard made from continuous-delivery cloth material. ACs can come in either soft or hard materials, depending on your particular needs. Soft ACs work more like cloth, pulling moisture through the skin more slowly. Hard ACs, meanwhile, pull moisture through your skin at faster rates. If you suffer from chronic moisture problems like excessive dryness or chapping, an AC may be exactly what you need to solve your problem.

Homemade Face Mask Although many commercial ACs are available in stores, you may opt to make your own homemade mask. Whether you opt to use store-bought AC or make your own, remember to follow all directions on the package closely. If you’re unsure about how to make a homemade face mask, simply contact your local medical supply company and they will be happy to assist you in making a successful homemade facial cleanser.

Face masks have long been used by individuals to effectively reduce social distancing. Today, these devices are even available in novelty styles. No matter the function of the masks, ACs, nasal strips, and cloth masks work to effectively combat excess perspiration and prevent facial blemishes from appearing. For ultimate comfort, these products are highly recommended for social distancing and other active outdoor activities.

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