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How to Care for Custom Face Masks

A custom-face mask is used in a variety of settings. Hospitals, clinics, retail stores, restaurants, airlines, amusement parks, and other venues can give away reusable or disposable face masks to their staff members to help them safely manage potentially hazardous food or liquid surfaces. Face masks are designed to cover the entire face so as to prevent any contamination of the skin. Masks may also be used to protect the teeth and gums from dirt and germs. Customized disposable face masks are often times chosen by individuals who want a custom-designed, one-of-a-kind mask.

Customized Face Masks are made using advanced technology. There are a variety of methods through which these custom printed masks can be produced. Some methods include: | full color | dye-sublimation | custom | printers} Full Color dye sublimation printers: This method uses a special type of printer to produce high quality full color images. This process is completed by exposing colored dots to a high intensity light source. When the light passes through the film, it causes the color to dry. The dyed image is then printed directly on the material being worked with. Dye sublimation printers can create complex and intricate images with high quality. However, they are most commonly used for simple, single color images.

Thermal imaging: Under ideal conditions, thermal imaging allows a computer to create a digital image of a surface. In the case of printed face masks, the printed image is applied to a computer model of the patient’s face before the technician applies the custom face mask. This method is most commonly used for creating simple, fine wrinkles or lines. By creating a digital image of the patient’s face, the technician can then simply remove the mask, remove the stickers, or use other methods to customize the face mask. The image is then printed on a foam backing and attached to the custom face mask.

Masks with printed antimicrobial strips: Using printed antimicrobial strips, doctors can apply these directly to patients. The antimicrobial properties of the strips will kill any bacteria present in the patient’s mouth and prevent any other germs from entering into the mouth after the removal of the custom face mask. This method is often used on patients who have been treated with antibacterials. These strips are most commonly printed on the outside of the mouth, but they may also be printed on the inside. Either way, the printed antimicrobial strip will keep anyone from becoming infected with any bacteria while removing the mask.

Wash ready masks: Doctors who require their face masks to be wash ready are able to do so by using either a hand held or stand up vacuum. Either one will work perfectly to clean a custom face masks. The act of scrubbing the mask clean will help remove any soap residue that remained after the use of the antimicrobial wash.

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