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How to Choose a Custom Face Mask

Creating custom face masks is fun and easy with a computer and a printer. How can you make a custom face mask with logo in any size you want? It is easy. Each mask product page includes a built-in face mask maker.

Custom Face Mask

Simply click the “Upload Logo” button and upload your picture (JPG or PNG), or choose one from the many options available. A generic, comfortable fit face coverings are also offered in various styles. They’re made of quality reusable vinyl. The vinyl has holes and air bubbles to help keep your logo or image in a smooth, flat surface. Resealable face covers can be washed in the washing machine, and the printed face coverings can be reused for another time or used as a sample for future products.

Other fun features include Velcro closures, adjustable ear loops, adjustable jaw angle, washable reusable vinyl, and a reusable head band. You can order a custom-face mask in any size you need, based on your needs. If you’re ordering an adjustable jaw angle, please make sure your measurements are correct before we wrap your order. Otherwise, your face may feel oddly positioned when your mask arrives.

In addition, a custom-face mask can have a unique look, or simply blend well with your outfit. For example, a bright red custom printed cloth face mask looks great with a white tank top paired with a purple skirt and purple shoes. You could also use a bright pink cloth face mask with a purple top to look like you’re going to the club. Black is a classic color, but if you prefer a monochromatic look, we have several cloth face masks that fit this look very nicely. They’re available in black fabric, white fabric, and of course, the bright colors listed above.

If you don’t want to wear an imprinted mask, but still want the same look, there are reusable cloth mouth masks available. These cloths are perfect for making baby parties, birthday parties, office parties, or any event where multiple people will be at the event. Just make sure to wash these in hot water using a gentle cycle, and keep them in the refrigerator until needed. When ordering your custom logo or slogan, be sure to specify how many mouth masks you’ll need.

The most important thing to remember when buying a custom face mask is to choose a quality product from a reputable manufacturer. You don’t want to invest in a mask that won’t hold up over time. Also, you want to make sure it’s comfortable fit. We carry several different types of custom face masks so you can find the one that’s right for you. Make sure to order your mask early so you can get the best deal possible.

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