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How to Choose a Face Mask for Your Surgery

Face Mask

How to Choose a Face Mask for Your Surgery

A medical face mask, or anesthetic mask, is designed to be worn only by medical professionals during certain health care procedures. During the surgery, it provides the patient with relief from pain and prevents excessive swelling. It also keeps the airway clear, so that breathing can be easier.

Before a face mask is used, anesthesia is applied to the skin around the eyes or mouth, depending on the type of operation. In most cases, a mask is not needed during minor surgeries and can be used only when there is no need for general anesthesia.

A plastic mask usually comes in disposable form and can be placed on the face in about 10 minutes. In this type of mask, the lid stays on and the nostrils are closed. When the lid is removed, the nostrils can be opened, but only a few millimeters are open.

While it may seem odd to wear a mask while sleeping, this can be helpful for those who have sleep apnea. These masks can prevent snoring and help relieve the discomfort of sleep apnea.

The type of mask you choose depends on the type of surgery you need to have. If you want to use a surgical face mask to treat an infection, you will need to wear one specially made for the type of infection you are treating.

If you are having an outpatient procedure, a disposable plastic mask is a good choice. If you are having surgery in a hospital, you need a disposable surgical face mask. While you are in the operating room, anesthetists will remove the disposable mask before use and re-apply anesthetic to your face. This process is called “wetting out” and you will be awake during the procedure.

To wear a disposable plastic face mask while you sleep, lie down on your back and lift the lids over your eyes. You should remove them as soon as you are ready to go to bed.

To keep the mask in place, just push the nose down into the nostril and gently turn your head until the mask is comfortable and snug against the nose. Do not try to force the mask on because it will not stay in place and it will not be as comfortable.

You may also use a nasal dilator, such as an inhaler, while wearing a disposable mask. These dilators will help open your airway and help with the mask staying in place. If you are having a dental procedure, you can also use a disposable mask as a splint to help with the pressure on your face.

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