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How to Choose Between Using One of the Many Fabrics and Custom Printed Face Masks

Custom face mask? What’s the big deal? Aren’t face masks just a disposable plastic appliance we toss in the trash after ten seconds of being applied? Isn’t it a waste to spend $2 on an appliance that doesn’t even last ten seconds? These are some questions that you might be asking if you are planning to order or custom-design a face mask. Read on to find out more about face masks, how they work and whether they’re worth your money.

Custom Face Mask

Can re-use cloth face masks? Yes, all of the pre-made printed fabric face masks sold at the store can be reused multiple times. The only thing that stops you from using them again is if you’re not willing to wash and clean your reusable mask after each use. Simply, heat up the water and a mild soap to rinse off your reusable mask and pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Can these printed face masks be personalized? Yes! These reusable face masks are available in a variety of prints that allow you to have fun designing your own look. These printed face masks are made by hand and are hand sewn, so you can have fun changing your look over again to create your own style. With several adjustable ear loops and lightweight, washable fabric, you can easily change out your look as often as you want.

Can you have two custom face masks created for your wedding? Yes! You can get two custom face masks created using the same fabrics (washable, antibacterial fabric) for each person. That way, if you’re having a black and white wedding, you could have black and white custom face masks created. If you’re having a color-themed wedding, then you could have a color custom face mask created. These masks come with ear loops that allow you to secure the earring on both sides for a snug fit.

Are these adjustable? Yes! Because these printed face masks are hand sewn and feature adjustable ear loops, they can be adjusted to fit anyone perfectly. Since each person will have a different shaped ear loop, it’s important that you measure everyone very carefully. This way, the sewing company can create the most comfortable fit for you.

Is there an instruction booklet included with my order? Yes! You can get an instruction booklet with all of your custom printed face masks if you choose to have them made from scratch, or if you choose to have them sewn according to your specific instructions. As you can see, you have plenty of flexibility when choosing to use one of the many different fabrics and custom printed face masks that are available today!

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