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How to Clean a Face Mask

Face Mask

How to Clean a Face Mask

A facial mask, also commonly known as an oral mask, is designed to be worn by medical professionals in certain medical procedures. Oral masks are designed to prevent infections from spreading in staff and patients by capturing bacteria released from the mouth and nose of the wearer and depositing it on the cloth covering the face. Oral masks also serve to reduce the amount of saliva in the mouth, thereby reducing the chance of bacteria being able to travel up the throat into the airway. However, the use of an oral mask while in the presence of others is often frowned upon in most professional settings. This is because of the potential for infection spreading between individuals during such procedures.

In order to prevent the spread of bacteria during an operation, a face mask should be worn. This will ensure that no one else has a chance to come into contact with the area that will be in need of disinfection. If possible, a face mask should be worn at all times during the operation in question. It is also important to keep one’s hands away from the surgical area and other infected areas.

While it may not seem possible, one should not forget that it is the eyes that are exposed when wearing a face mask. For this reason, a simple handkerchief or bandage can be used to cover the face whenever the mask is on. This will ensure that there is no moisture remaining on the face that will allow the bacteria to spread. When removing the mask during the procedure, it is best to use a clean face cloth or towel so as not to allow any dirt to get into the plastic covering used during the surgery.

One should remember to remove the face mask at the conclusion of the procedure in order to avoid spreading germs. The risk of bacteria being spread during this step is not great, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Mouth wash is often recommended after the use of a face mask. It is important to ensure that the mouth is completely dried out prior to wiping the mask away. The mouth should be covered in a good quality moisturizing cream and should be covered for at least ten minutes after the use of the mask.

It is important to remember to always follow the instructions given for the face mask that one is wearing and not to skip them. This is a matter of safety and hygiene. By doing this, one is lessening the chances of infection spreading throughout the room and possibly causing one to be hospitalized.

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