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How to Create Custom Face Masks For Your Party Needs

How can you make a custom face mask for an employee, mascot or promotional event with your logo printed on it? It is easy. Each individual mask product page has an integrated face mask maker. Simply click on the “upload logo” link, find your chosen picture file (jpg or png) and follow the simple steps to upload your picture.

Once you have chosen an image, you will be directed to a page with several toolbars. Click on the one that says “olorize”. You will see several colors to choose from. If you are adding a custom face mask, use the color wheel. Use the mask color of your choice to choose which other colors should appear on your custom printed masks.

Now it is time to upload your image. Look for the “uploading images” link on the upper right-hand side of the page. Your chosen picture should be shown in the gallery. For convenience, there is also an upload all photos option which will direct you to the entire gallery of images uploaded by other customers.

Once you have chosen and uploaded your photo, you can create your custom face mask. Some companies provide pre-made blank cloth masks as well. Simply email a photo of your face or ask your client to send one. A high quality printed graphic will be delivered to you within two weeks. Cloth face covers are made in bulk, so you are guaranteed a large number of face covers to choose from.

Now you need to select the type of cloth face masks you want. Most are standard in size and fit, but you can also request a custom size if you know your exact face dimensions. The type of custom ink you choose will vary with your product. For example, some require a special type of ink and some use an ultraviolet (UV) light curing process. If your product will require some sort of special treatment for peak performance, you should inquire about this before ordering.

Another popular option is to order standard, ready-made compacts. These are very easy to use. You simply fill out your details and upload your photo. You are ready to go! Ready-made face coverings are also available for Covid-19 products. These custom masks come in a range of weights and sizes, so no matter your needs you can be confident that you will be able to find a mask that is just right for you.

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