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How to Find the Right Face Covering For You

Order by Dec.2 for Christmas shipment. Printed Face Masks is available in an assortment of different styles with various sizes for adults and children. Available in black and white, these printed face masks can be found online or at your local retailer. These Christmas masks can be used for parties, school dances, office parties, birthday parties, fundraisers, sporting events, as well as many other different occasions.

Order by Mail Custom Face Masks – available in white or black ink, these personalized face masks can be sent through the mail. To add special messages, embroider the message with your name, address, special message and a holiday message. For example, if you order the Christmas masks, the message could read “Happy Holidays! Printed Face Masks available in black and white or Christmas.”

Order by Phone – With a phone call to your service provider, you can order your custom face masks. The call will ensure you have all the information you need to make a smart decision on which mask is best for you. This is great for parties that may not allow the use of facial masks. For example, office parties may not allow the use of face masks to keep the staff looking gawdy and unkempt.

Order by Phone – with a click of the mouse, you can order your custom face masks from your computer. The number of pages you have to choose from will depend on the amount of facial hair you want removed. The company will then send you a pre-paid envelope. You can either return the item, or leave a voice mail message explaining that you would like the item returned, along with your return address.

Order by Phone – Most companies that sell face masks ship internationally. If you want your item shipped quickly, you can email them the number of your delivery address. Most companies will consider this shipping option if you are going to be out of town for a few days or so. Face coverings will not ship with your vacation plans, because many people are allergic to the latex rubber used in facial masks. However, most companies do not mind shipping your item internationally, as long as you are returning the item and paying the extra international fees.

Cloth Face Mask – The versatility of a custom cloth face mask cannot be underestimated. There are a variety of ways that the cloth can be applied to provide the coverage you desire. Some cloth face masks can be attached to your face, via a Velcro strap, to look as if it is just another part of your hair. Some cloths can be left loose, so that your face covering will be able to drape over your entire head. Cloth face masks can be made in any design, with any type of fabric, from simple stripes to elaborate pastels. You can use these items for special events, or as everyday wear.

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