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How to Make a Custom Face Mask

A Custom Face Mask is a lot of fun to make. Making a one off gift for a special occasion can be a great way to get a person you care about something personal. Most businesses would not make custom printed face masks unless they had a huge commission involved and it is really inexpensive to make one.

The first thing you need to do before making your own personalized custom-face mask is to pick the fabrics you want to use. Things you could use include cotton, light yellow or white. You will also need some silver wire, which you could get from a craft store or a company that makes silver jewelry.

The next thing you need to do is lay out the fabrics on the table. The face mask you are going to make is going to be made up of three strips. You want to make sure that you lay these out so that you will have them in position when you start working on the patterns. Before you cut the fabric pieces you will need to score them first. This is important so that you will not cut yourself.

You will also need to pick a time frame. Most people find it is easier to work with longer time frames when it comes to making a mask. The reason for this is that you do not want to take your time with the face mask but instead put in a lot of effort.

After you have decided how long you want to work on the mask you need to cut each strip to fit. This could be a little tricky because you need to be able to fit all of the fabric pieces together properly before you begin. If you do not do this you could wind up with a mask that does not fit properly and then you will have to go back and redo everything.

When you are cutting the face mask, you will want to match upthe pattern piece to the one that you used to cut it. Make sure that they match up by using an ordinary glue stick and holding them up side by side so that you can see which is which. It is easy to make a mistake and wind up with a mask that does not fit correctly.

When you are done cutting the fabric, you should then use a hot iron to seal the edges of the fabric. You can use an ordinary iron to do this but if you want to get the best result you will want to use a special face mask that has a patented edge sealer that can be found online. Just make sure that you get a good sealer for this job so that it does not get ruined and just rub it in the same direction as the edges.

Once you have finished the edge sealing you will then be ready to start making the pattern piece. Put the pattern piece down and make sure that the pattern piece is facing you before you continue. You will need to trace around the edges of the pattern piece so that you can find it easily when you start cutting out the face mask.

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