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How to Make a Face Mask Look Its Best

A face mask, sometimes called a facial mask, is a thin transparent mask usually made of synthetic cloth, most often cotton, worn on the face to lessen the effects of drying, sun, wind or smoke. While face masks that use pure cotton for their material are common in many parts of the world, synthetic cloth face masks (sometimes called chemical face masks) have become increasingly popular in Western countries. The main advantage of a face mask made with cloth is that it allows the wearer to breathe freely. Many people will actually prefer a face mask that does not include a face veil (even though some traditional religions forbid it). In addition, face masks that are made from synthetic fabric are extremely durable and can last a very long time, provided that they are cleaned and preserved regularly.

You can create a face mask without a face veil by attaching it to the back of a turban, for example. Attaching a turban to a traditional head scarf is an easy way to change the look and style without having to spend a lot of money or time. Of course, the same principle applies if you choose to attach a hair accessory, such as a hair bow or hair clip, to your head scarf.

The basic design of a face mask usually consists of three parts: the fascination, or headpiece; the face mask itself; and a barrier, such as foam or some stretchable fabric, placed across the nose and cheeks to prevent wind or cold from reaching the skin. There are four primary types of fascinators. Each has its own characteristic style and decorative characteristic, so if you are planning to create a face mask of any type, you should consider which characteristic best suits your face. There are also several ways to sew a face mask, including flat weave, semi-circular weave, tapering, or crochet.

Fabric of high quality is essential when making a face mask. High quality fabrics that drape well are preferable, as they will not irritate the skin. Tapestries and quilted items work very well for social distancing. Quilted items are especially popular because they offer an attractive alternative to stiff fabrics, while providing a soft touch.

Social Distancing. Some face masks, such as those that rest over a hairstyle or chin strap allow for more than one layer of fabric to drape across the face. These can take the form of two separate layers, which are then connected by another layer of fabric that starts lower than the first. Multiple layers of material that provide different levels of social distancing are attractive both in fashion and function, allowing the wearer to change the look and style without drastically changing her wardrobe.

Cleanup. Because it’s usually attached to an item of clothing, face masks can sometimes need to be cleaned in some fashion. To clean a fascination or any other type of mask, simply wash the mask as normal. To clean a typical ear loops or wig pad, simply wash any detachable parts in warm water, and then hang the mask, either using its included hook, or with a removable ear loop, to dry in a towel.

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